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Subject: Our Six Million
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I wrote up this little essay to put on my page in place of my 
revisionist material.  I wanted to run it by y'all to see if it made 
sense and everything.  I could have spelledchecked it myself, but I 
figured 10,000 liberal freaks with nothing better to do than point out 
grammatical errors could do a better job than my spellchecker.

Also, if it isn't convincing enough to you wp-types, I'll just leave the 
revisionist stuff.  Please give me some feedback.

--=-- essay here --=--

                          Our Six Million

At one time, I denied the Holocaust.  I published an essay on my web 
page which suggested that only 1.5 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

However, neither then nor now have I believed anything less than what I 
was taught -- that six million Jews were murdered under the Nazi regime.

The Holocaust was in the way of progress.  People were using -- quite 
effectively -- the "Lesson of the Holocaust" to block recruitment to the 
White nationalist movement.  Something had to be done, and revisionist 
essays which downplayed the Holocaust were readily available.

                        A Change of Perspective

So I published an essay.  With that roadblock out of the way, I was 
busily gaining recruits for the movement.  I talked to a young man from 
New York who knew very little of current events.  In describing the 
Vicki Weaver murder, I mentioned to him that four hundred federal 
agents, including soilders from the Army and Marines, had surrounded her 
cabin and shot her in the forehead while she was holding her child.

"I don't believe it," he said.  "Four hundred agents can't surround a 
cabin -- they wouldn't fit.  Anyway, why would four hundred agents go 
after a woman?"  My first reaction was to punch him in the nose.  But I 
kept my cool and went on recruiting.  Later, I got to thinking on the 
similarities between his statements and Holocaust denial.

I empathize with Vicki Weaver -- we were both raised in Iowa and settled 
in the Northwest.  We shared political ideologies.  We both feared a 
coercive, murderous government -- and our fears had merit.  And so 
though I didn't know her, I got mad when a kid disbelieved in the 
circumstances of her death.  Jews must feel the same way -- multiplied 
by six million -- when we "revise" the circumstances of their relatives' 

I decided to quit the revisionism; but I had to think of another angle 
for getting around the Holocaust question.

                     Lessons of the Holocaust

Aside from being rude, Holocaust revisionism has limited utility in 
advancing the cause.  Even if we could convince 95% of Aryans that the 
Holocaust hadn't happened, the Jewry would still believe.  It has become 
an important part of their culture.  As long as the Jews believe, and as 
long as they have positions of power in the media and government, 
they'll continue to make all sorts of trouble for the movement.

The "Lesson of the Holocaust", as the Jews teach it, is that bigotry and 
prejudice can lead to genocide.  And when Jews attack White nationalist 
organizations in the United States today, this lesson is on their minds. 
One could argue that American Whites aren't nearly as violent as 
Germany's National Socialist Party.  Abe Lincoln could have deported the 
blacks during the Civil War -- a policy he and the rest of racist White 
America supported -- but he didn't.  In the 1920's, several million 
Americans rode with the Ku Klux Klan.  And though they did murder a few 
thousand blacks, their per capita, per year murder rate was less than 
mainstream America's murder rate today.

But these things matter little to the Jewry.  They lost six million of 
their people -- and there aren't too many Jews, then or now.  They 
aren't in the business of taking risks.  So they will always hate us, 
revisionism or not.  How would you feel if you lost six million of your 
own kind?

You did.

We have our own Holocaust -- the forgotten six million, Aryans who were 
killed by the Nazi regime alongside the Jews.  The Jewry claims that 
"their" six million deaths were unique; ours were unique also, for a 
different reason.  Our people died under a regime that was *specifically 
designed to advance the Aryan folk*.  Aryan women and children were 
murdered, not by some common dictatorship, but by a government designed 
to help them.

We have a term for people who claim to help their race but instead act 
against it: race traitors.  For all the good intentions and partial 
victories, a government which kills six million of it's own is 
treasonous.  And so our lesson, the "Lesson of Our Six Million", is that 
race traitors in government cannot be tolerated, ever.

And this lesson, unlike that of the Jews, has plenty of applicibility in 
today's America.  Our government is made up of White men and women, all 
of them claiming to represent us, who have done things contrary to our 
interests.  They have let millions of unneeded immigrants into our 
nation.  They have passed legislation that turns the White man into a 
second-class citizen.  Their actions, if unchecked, will lead to our 
racial demise fifty years from now just as certainly as gas chambers did 
fifty years ago.

                    We Have Our Own Holocaust

And so I have my new response to the Holocaust objection, one which 
doesn't needlessly offend.  We have our own Holocaust with it's own 
unique lesson.  That lesson is to not tolerate, under any circumstances, 
White race traitors in positions of leadership.  Six million Aryan souls 
demand that we act -- now.

--=-- /end essay --=--

Reuben Logsdon

"They have two objectives in their goal of ruling the world. Destroy
Christianity and the white race. Neither can be accomplished by itself.
They stand or fall together."

- Gordon Kahl

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