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Subject:     Re: Holohoax and lying Jews
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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 21:35:21 -0800
Subject: Re: Holohoax and lying Jews

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, (Stormfront-l) wrote:
>From: Dan Leonik 
>Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 18:52:31 -0600
>Subject: Re: What happens?
>At 09:24 PM 2/7/96 GMT, you wrote:
>>From: dcarpenter@Netrax.Net
>>Date: Wed, 07 Feb 1996 21:24:01 GMT
>>Subject: What happens?
>>What happens a few years up the road when all the "holocaust survivors" die
>>natural causes and there is no one left to go on Geraldo or Donahue and "tel
>>the story."  Will we finally stop hearing the skin for lampshade stories and
>>all the other BS?
>No, after that last louse dies, you'll be hearing tales from their 'beloved
>offspring', including some of those whose parents died in the 'Holocaust',
>yet were born after never ends until we stop it.

Actually, it may be noted that for the last few years there has been an
intense ongoing effort to videotape recollections/rumours/stories/lies of
Jews who wer around during 1933-1945.  The idea behind this is to be able to
continually ram their lies down our throats for centuries or millenia to
come, how they were 'persecuted', how they 'suffered', how they 'miraculously
survived' etc.  So even though these Jews will finally be gone, their Jewish
faces and their whiny Jewish voices will still be droning at us from our
video screens forever.

Also, of course, we will see their sons and daughters recollecting the stories
and lies of their parents about the Holocaust, and their grandchildren and
maybe even their greatgrandchildren.

We might even see Jews one or two hundred years from now claiming 'survivor'
status and claiming to have been gassed but miraculously survived and so forth
with nobody having the guts to question such lies just as so few have the
guts to question such lies today.

The only way the Holocaust will end is for all the Jews to utterly disappear
off the face of the earth.  Not only would we not have to keep hearing about
the Holocaust, but our planet would be so much more clean and decent.

The semi-secret purposes of the Holocaust are:

1)  To set up and keep rolling the gravy train.  There's no business like
    Shoah business, whether in the form of reparations, handouts, special
    privileges, or a general profitable status accorded to Jews.
2)  To create a global guilt complex amongst non-Jews, especially so amongst
    Aryans.  The guilt then precludes opposition or criticism against Jewish
    agenda and operations designed to exterminate our people.  The sympathy
    aroused for Jews amongst non-Jews provides no end of willing helpers in
    their genocidal schemes against us.
3)  To engender fear amongst Jews.  If Jews can be made to believe that the
    Holocaust really happened the way we are told it happened, and that it
    can happen again anytime and anywhere, then this helps to bring them
    together under the authority of the rabbis and serves to prevent
    assimilation and to keep Jews more attuned to their closed communities.

But I've always maintained that one true subliminal purpose of the Holocaust
is one of self-guilt on the part of Jews.  They realise all their own crimes
against our people and they know that they so richly deserve a 'Holocaust'
fate.  Subliminally and subconsciously, they are, in effect, yelling at us
to exterminate them.  Deep down, masochistically, they really want that

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