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Subject:     SF: Boorda suicide/Freud
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Subject: SF: Boorda suicide/Freud
On Fri, 31 May 1996, Evelyn Hill  wrote:
> wrote:
>> by Eric Margolis  23 May 1996
>> We may never know why Admiral Jeremy Boorda shot himself
>> last week.
>Let's not overlook the obvious.
>Many types of mental problems have a genetic component, just as
>physical problems do.  In my 10 years of working in pharmacy,
>seeing hundreds of people a day, it was clear that some groups
>tended towards certain problems.  A disproportionate number of
>Mestizos had diabetes, a disproportionate number of Blacks had
>high blood pressure, and a disproportionate number of Jews suffered
>from depression, anxiety, and all sorts of neurosises.
>In the case of Jews of course, the media would like us to think this
>is simply because Jews suffer so.  This increases White feelings of
>guilt. However, it seems very likely that these conditions, partially
>or entirely caused by genetics, are genetically mediated in Jews also.
Yes, I completely agree.  Tay-Sachs disease is a good example of an
inheritable mental disorder that is mainly peculiar to Jews.  Jews do
have their own unique mind-set or outlook, on themselves and the world,
and it is clear that it and the associated mental illnesses that many
of them uniquely suffer from, are genetic.  Which of course raises
all sorts of 'politically incorrect' issues and discussion taboos.
What was interesting about the Margolis essay was his pointing out
that Boorda was Jewish, and that this admiral and Clinton favorite
had been heavily involved in the decline and degeneration of the
US Navy.  He gave no actual answer to the question as to =why= Boorda
shot himself.  Someone here speculated that it might have been guilt
at all the harm that he had done to the US Navy and America, while
still another hinted that Clinton may have had him killed for unknown
reasons.  Your suggestion that it may be related to mental illness,
could be the answer too.
I think that Jewish rates of suicide are fairly high, and if so then
this is undoubtedly related to their [Jewish] rates of mental illness.
Another and possibly related aspect to all this is Freud.  I have
always maintained that this Jew, the 'father' of psychoanalysis we
are incorrectly told by the Jewish mass media, did excellent work
for his fellow Jews.  Finding neuroses and disorders related to sex,
excrement, and from the most incredibly bizarre and wacko origins,
is entirely appropriate for analyses and treatments tailored to his
fellow Jews.  Freudian psychoanalysis once dominated the field of
psychotherapy, and some decades ago it was fashionable for every
Jew to have his or her very own psychoanalyst.  I have no doubt at
all that they definitely =needed= them.  Non-Jews taking psychoanalysis,
however, I think is a complete waste of time and money.
I read a fascinating little book called "THE CASE AGAINST PSYCHOANALYSIS"
by Andrew Salter, that deconstructed Freud's theories one by one as the
shams and false dogmas that they are.  But I remember thinking, 'yes,
they are shams =for Aryans=, but are just fine for Jews.'  Since that
book came out years ago, several other titles have emerged on Freud,
reaching much the same conclusions about his work.
In other words, Freud's methods of psychoanalysis are appropriate for Jews,
but not for non-Jews.  The Aryan peoples have entirely different mental
capacities and features, for which Freud's methods are unsuited and even
Jews love to paint non-Jews, and particularly 'haters' as 'insane' or
'sick' when in reality I think they are literally engaging in projection
onto others of their own [Jewish] maladies.

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