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Subject: Nazis happily murder their own but words make them sad.
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On 23 Aug 1996 03:53:26 -0400, (Kurt Stele) wrote:

>"The nazis were fighting a 2-front war and men and money were at
>all-time premium. Or even if they had wanted to "gas" jews instead of
>easily shooting them, which itself would have been inexplicable, they
>could have set up gas chambers nearby since according to the holocausters
>any old barn will do for a gas-chamber."
>In other words, if the nazis were supposedly trying to 'exterminate' the
>jews, the nazis -would not- have spent the money on some hokey goofy
>scheme but would have used the convenient and economic means of -shooting-
>them.  The money wouldn't have been used on what you're saying it was used
>on -if- extermination was the object, which it obviously was not.
"Although the T4 experts refused to make concessions to accommodate
local differences in their centralization efforts, they had to accept
political realities in the newly annexed areas of the German Reich.
They complained that in the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
handicapped patients had remained in Czech hospitals administered by
Czech physicians and had been neither sterilized nor killed, adding
that in prague there was even a ward for handicapped Jewish patients
with a Jewish physician. German patients had been concentrated in two
hospitals - one in Bohemia and one in Moravia - and had from there
been transferred to the Sudentenland for sterilization and killing;
the similar removal of 700 ethnic Germans from the independent puppet
state of Slovakia led to rumors that they had been "turned into soap
[zu Seife verkocht]..." [1]

"Rarely did the T4 experts meet the kind of opposition they
encountered in a Wurttemberg institution for deaf-mute children. The
warden, a Swiss national named Heinrich Hermann, opposed the transfer
of his charges, using the word "Killed [getotet]" while discussing
their fate with the visiting T4 representatives. Unused to such blunt
language, the T4 experts, who consistently used euphemisms to describe
the killings, reported on this dispute with Hermann in detail,
demanding that "such foreign national" be removed from such a
sensitive position. [2]

[1] Ibid.: report on the Protectorate, Sept. 1942 On Slovakia, see
ZStL, Sammlung Verschiedenes, BD. 168, pp 14 - 16: Franz Karmasin
(owner of Pressburg Grenzbote) To RFSS, 28 July 1942.

[2] BA - MA, H20/463, 465: report on Wurttemburg by August Becker, 25
Nov. 1942, pp. 20 -22 (concerning the Ziegler'sche Taubstummenanstalt
Wilhelmsdorf). See also Aly, "Medizin gegen Ungrauchbare," pp 17 - 18.

The Origins of Nazi Genocide from Euthanasia to the Final Solution
Henry Friedlander
The Univeristy of North Carolina Press
Chapel Hill & London
ISBN 0-8078-2208-6 (alk. paper)

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