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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 14:02:23 +0100
Subject: German Neo-Nazi Press: Nation & Europa

Dear list members and friends,

This time I've gone through issues no 11/12 of November/December 1997 
to no 3 of March 1998 of the monthly neo-Nazi pamphlet 'Nation & 
Europa' (13,000 subscription, 15,000 printed issues).

Until 1990 this journal's title was 'Nation Europa', it was founded 
already in 1951 by former SS Sturmbannfuehrer Arthur Ehrhardt und 
Herbert Boehme. According to investigations of the British Secret 
Service in connection with the Naumann affair (1949-1953), the 
publication 'Nation Europa' must be seen as a direct result of the 
past 1945 efforts of European neo-Fascists together with leading SS 
men to build up a European network of neo-Fascists. Money comes from 
the Swiss neo-Nazi Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, from Maurice Bardeche, 
Jean Bauvard as well as from the French bankers Albertini and Guy 

The necessary know-how is provided by former Reichspressechef Helmut 
Suendermann (chief press speaker of the Nazi regime), followed by 
Gert Sudholt, who holds a huge syndicate of publishing companies, and 
associated businesses.

After Arthur Ehrhard deceased in 1971, Peter Dehoust has been the 
chief editor since then. There are a few other names I would like to 
mention in that connection, because some of them are playing quite a 
vital role in the German neo-Nazi movement up to this day.

Editors: Adolf von Thadden (NPD), Harald Neubauer (NPD, DVU, REP, 
Deutsche Liga fuer Volk und Heimat, Michael Kuehnen said that 
Neubauer also used to be a member of the NSDAP/AO of Lauck);

Share holders: Peter Dehoust 57%, Hans Epprecht 1%, Karl Gueltig 9%, 
Klausdieter Ludwig 6%, Lieselotte Dold 5%, Holle Grimm 1%, Heimgard 
Dehoust 12%, Almut Spaeth 1%, Nation Europa Verlags GmbH 6%, Nation 
Europa-Freunde e.V. 2%.

Authors: Felix Buck (!), Franz Schoenhuber, Helmut Schroecke, Karl 
Richter, Emil Schlee, Guenter Deckert, Alain de Benoist, Bernhard 
Willms, Gerd-Klaus Kaltenbrunner, Hans-Dietrich Sander, Hans-Ulrich 
Rudel, Armin Mohler, Winfried von Oven, Rolf Kosiek, Henning 
Eichberg, Bruno Megret, Yvan Blot, Karl Dillen, Willy Freson, Juergen 
Hatzenbichler, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Andreas Moelzer. <1>

Issue no 11-12/97
reports on a meeting organized by Nation-Europa-Freunde e.V. in 
Amberg, Bavaria on November 2, 1997 with about 500 participants, 
which seems to be extremely exaggerated. From other European 
countries: Frank Vanhecke, member of the European Parliament und 
chairman of the Vlaams Blok; Yavan Blot, member of the European 
Parliament and Alsace chairman of the Front National who presented a 
message from Jean-Marie Le Pen, saying that the German 'patriots' 
should unite the same as the Vlaams Blok did and the Front National. 
Besides Franz Schoenhuber, Alfred Mechtersheimer of the 
"Deutschland-Bewegung" spoke to the audience. 

I find this part very interesting, since Mechtersheimer still 
calls himself "Friedensforscher" (peace researcher), but actually has 
drifted from his very conservative point of views which he was able 
to present for a very short time within the Green Party, to the 
extreme right. Many activists of the far right actually have joined 
the Green party in the past and tried to gain influence there. 

Central topic of this issue is "leftist" movements bashing in 
general, mixing the 1968 student revolt with Soviet suppression in 
Hungary (Le Pen, p. 5).

Former Swiss Nationalrat Dr. med. Jean-Jaques Hegg complains heavily 
about the Jewish claims regarding Swiss bank accounts, talks of the 
"One World" conspiracy against neutral countries ("neutrals 
bashing"). The sterilization of about 60,000 Swedish mentally ill or 
retarded women is mentioned in that connection, and the reports in 
the American press on that case, which according to the author do not 
mention that Eugenics is also a very common thing in the United 
States, plus in several other countries (Switzerland, Scandinavia, 

The European neo-Nazi network is further demonstrated by another 
article of a Swiss. Michael Peter criticises the 
"Antirassismusgesetz" which intends to protect residents of different 
race against discrimination and hate crimes. Peter wants protection 
of the "orignal ethnical group" ensured in the first place.

Book Reviews: 
Andreas Kittler, Hermann Goerings Carinhall. Der Waldhof in der 
Schorfheide, Druffel-Verlag, Berg 1997;
David Irving, Goebbels. Macht und Magie, Arndt-Verlag, Kiel 1997.
Bruno Bandulet, Was wird aus unserem Geld? Wirtschaftsverlag Langen 
Mueller Herbig, Muenchen 1997
Hartmut Stern, KZ-Luegen. Antwort auf Goldhagen, FZ-Verlag, Muenchen 
Gustav Rust, "Ich war auch dabei". Ein Leben gegen kommunistische 
Gewaltherrschaft, Eigenverlag, Berlin 1996
Gerhard Baumfalk, Ueberfall oder Praeventivschlag? Der deutsche 
Angriff auf die Sowjetunion am 22 Juni 1941, R.G. Fischer Verlag, 
Frankfurt/Main 1997
Willi Koerbel-Habsheim, Erlebter Faschismus, Aufstieg und Sturz 
Benito Mussolinis. Druffel Verlag, Berg am Starnberger See 1997
Gerhard Kock, "Der Fuehrer sorgt fuer unsere Kinder". Die 
Kinderlandverschickung im Zweiten Weltkrieg, Ferdinand Schoeningh 
Verlag, 1997
E.R. Carmin, Das Schwarze Reich. Geheimgesellschaften im 20. 
Jahrhundert, Heyne Verlag, Muenchen

Issue 1/1998
Articles on the Bundeswehr scandal. The well-known neo-nazi and 
violent criminal Manfred Roeder who was allowed to speak to 
Bundeswehr officers at the central Bundeswehr Academy is vehemently 
being defended. The "real enemy" stands on the left side. Former SS 
man Franz Schoenhuber (75) complains that old men are being dragged 
before courts. Pauline Hanson from Australia is introduced to the 

Issue 2/1998
Crime is the central topic of this issue. Karl Richter is of the 
opinion that German courts fail in punishing capital crime but are 
rather after his national comrades, as well as such minor things as 
high speed on roads. Not enough efforts are being made to cope with 
crimes committed by foreigners in Germany, Richter says, and finally 
wants death penalty installed again. Although he is not much in 
favour of the United States on the whole, he agrees with such views 
and policies.

Hans-Guenter Schodruch (lawyer, till 1994 member of the European 
parliament, and vice president of the European right parties headed 
by Le Pen) argues that the sentence on the ill Holocaust denier Udo 
Walendy is not fair at all. Especially when being compared with 
capital crimes.

A column by Franz Schoenhuber on the radical right movements in 
Europe. Haider of the FPOE, Schoenhuber says, did a major mistake by 
accepting Peter Sichrowsky as a FPOE candidate for the European 
parliament. Sichrowsky recently announced that he is in favour of the 
expulsion of Le Pen of the European Parliament because of his 
statements in Munich on the concentration camps.

After many right extreme incidents within the Bundeswehr, Minister of 
Defense Volker Ruehe, finally announced that no persons affiliated 
to any right extreme groups will be allowed for compulsory military 
service in the Bundeswehr. Werner Baumann thus us giving advice on 
how to get around this compulsory service: Shaving heads, wearing Doc 
Martins, asking whether a Baseball bat is allowed in the dormitories, 
or just writing some letters to the Minister of Defense.

Of the book reviews, I'd just like to mention:
F.W. Seidler (Ed). Verbrechen an der Wehrmacht, Kriegsgreuel der 
Roten Armee 1941/42. Pour le Merite - VErlag fuer Wehrwissenschaft, 
Selent 1997
FZ-Verlag (Ed.). Prominente ohne Maske. Drittes Reich. 1000 
Lebenslaeufe der wichtigsten Personen 1933-1945, FZ-Verlag, Muenchen 
Verbrecher-Album der Sieger. Die 100 furchtbarsten Schreibtischtaeter 
und Vollstrecker des Vernichtungskrieges gegen Deutschland. 
FZ-Verlag, Muenchen 1997
Hans Jansen. Der Madagaskar-Plan. Die beabsichtigte Deportation der 
europaeischen Juden nach Madagaskar. Langen Mueller Verlag. Muenchen 
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Die okkulten Wurzen des 
Nationalsozialismus. Leopold Stocker Verlag. Graz-Stuttgart 1997

Issue 3/1998
The cover says 'Michel kehr aus!', intending to draw a line from the 
1848 revolution to present days. Up to this day democratic rights 
like free speech are still violated, most of the authors say. Not 
only the cases of Udo Walendy and several others are mentioned, but 
also music CDs which got banned (because of hate promotion).

An article of Hans-Holger Malcomess on the Wehrmacht crime exhibition 
of the Hamburger Institut fuer Sozialforschung (Reemtsma), 
complaining that the exhibition only shows that "bad" things, not 
the positive traditions of the Wehrmacht. 

Ironically, this Mr Malcomess, member of the CDU, was appointed to 
head the investigative commission of the Parliament on the recent 
Manfred Roeder/Bundeswehr scandal. Malcomess is known for having very 
close contacts with the extreme right. According to a court decision, 
one can call him a "Nazi-Sympathisant" without getting in troubles. 

News: Louise-Katharina Jodl, widow of Alfred Jodl died at the age of 
92. Also Erwin Hoeke, publisher and owner of a printing office in 
Preussisch Oldendorf died at the age of 77. At the age of 19 he was a 
member of Waffen-SS Division "Leibstandarte". His publishing company 
was specialised in Holocaust denial and apologetic literature. In 
this article this is called "non-conformistic".

<1> Handbuch deutscher Rechtsextremismus, Jens Mecklenburg (Ed.), 
Berlin 1997, p. 420 f.

Please note that most of the publishing companies mentioned above are 
specialized in apologetic literature and Holocaust denial and are 
monitored by the Verfassungsschutz (the FBI equivalent).

Hope some of you find this information useful and that I don't bore 
you with these rather lengthy Emails. 


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