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From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Does This Guy Sound Familiar?
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Summary: Portland Revisionists are at it again
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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1992 23:15:41 GMT
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I thought people on the net might recognize a familiar sound issuing --
I'm embarrassed to admit -- here in Portland, Oregon.  The following
article appeared in the Oregonian, October 15.


The man responsible for bringing David Irving to the Portland area was
stopped by police in April after he and two of the state's leading
Skinhead organizers distributed fliers questioning whether the Holocaust
really happened.

Irving is an author of World War II history books who believes the
Holocaust -- the sytematic extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis
-- never happened.  He also believes gas chambers at death camps such as
Auschwitz may have been built after the war as tourist attractions.

Reinhold Gast Clinton, 37, was using the name Michael Thomas Clinton at
the time, according to police reports on the incident, which took place
near Fifth Street and C Avenue in Lake Oswego about 10:30 p.m. April 29.

Clinton was with Robert Heick, who heads the Skinhead group the American
Front, and Thomas Schriber Johnson, who heads the American Front's
Albany chapter.

Johnson also was on file with police in Phoenix for his Skinhead
activities there.

Clinton was driving his car as he, Heick and Johnson distributed fliers
questioning whether the Holocaust was a hoax.  He was stopped by police,
who were alerted to the leafletting, after Clinton parked his car on the
wrong side of the road.

Clinton heads the Siegfried Society, a new group that Clinton describes
as a study group interested in Germanic culture and "ethnocentric" games
that celebrate Germanic heritage.  The games are conducted in
traditional dress and include things such as a Northern European ax

The society also is bringing Irving to towh to speak on his views of
Nazi Germany, World War II and presumably the Holocaust.

Clinton told The Oregonian's columnist Phil Stanford in September that
he "absolutely" didn't endorse Irving's position on Holocaust denial.
Contacted this week, however, Clinton acknowledged that he helped
distribute literate questioning it.

He stressed, however, that he is not a Skinhead, n or was he associated
with any Skinhead leaders then or now.

He said he barely knew Heick or Johnson when they were pulled over.
Heick said Clinton agreed to drive his own car and was pulled over after
someone complained to police about seeing the three passing out their
fliers near a grocery store.

"Bob Heick was interested in my society at one time," Clinton said.  He
said he, Heick and Johnson were distributing literate.  Clinton insisted
the literature was not racist.

"It was 66 questions and answers on the Holocaust issue," he said. "It
named a number of Jewish historians who questioned it."

Clinton said the material was from the Institute for Historical Review,
a Southern California organization headed by Willis A. Carto.

Carto, who has been described by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith as the leading anti-Semitic propogandist in the nation, is a
principal sponsor of the U.S. appearances of Irving and other
revisionist historians.  He also heads the Liberty Lobby, described by
the league as the most prolific and best-financed anti-Semitic group in
the nation.

Carto's institute in 1979 offered a $50,000 cash reward to anyone who
could prove that anyone was actually gassed at Auschwitz.  Mel
Mermelstein, Auschwitz prisoner A-4685, answered the challenge by
presenting affidavits detailing the deaths of his mother, father,
brother and two sisters at the camp.  He then sued when the institute
refused to pay the reward.

A Los Angeles County court awarded Mermelstein a $90,000 judgment
against Carto's institute.

Clinton said Tuesday that he "didn't necessarily agree with the
literature" he was distributing with the two Skinhead leaders bu said he
"found it interesting."

"I'm interested in what they have to say," he said. "It's definitely not
racist at all."


The same issue of the Oregonian, incidentally, also carried a long
article about Irving and the view that most real historians take of his

Jeff Frane

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