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In case this might be added to your "fascism" collection, did you
hear of the "American Front" in Portland, Oregon? You can call
1-503-452-5976 to hear their message. You will need to wash your
ears with a lot of soap afterwards, though...

To: Multiple recipients of list 

Here is the message as of November 26.  Words or names I'm unsure
of are in brackets:

You have reached the American Front.  Drop to your knees and face the
Mecca of Jew Haters right here in Portland, USA.  Entrenched behind
enemy lines we small wolf packs find ourselves attempting to forge a
solid future for our Aryan children amongst all the Willamette

[Loren Christensen], Shao-Lin master of the Portland Gang Task Force
is a [proprietor] of misery to the many skinheads and Aryan youths who
attempt to defend themselves from the growing hordes of mud beings,
which undulate like festering pus bags on the streets of this once all
white city.  Loren does such a fine job of making life shitty for the
white youth of Portland, we'll probably let him keep his job when we
are in power, assigning him to the task of mopping up various mobs of
roving negros amongst the [perspective] rubble of Portland.

Vera Katz, not so distant relative of Anne Frankenstein, an evil
Jewish creation, is now presiding over this 50 square mile Starbuck's
stand, and seeks to degun the hapless sheep, as they gawk in awe at
the [nebular] glow of their televisions praising Jesus Christ that
Billy "I never inhaled" Clinton is now on the throne.  Her Benevolence
reeks of corruption and lesbianity as she trods in Birkenstocks
towards a kindler, gentler mud pit.  [Last week] at Sixth and Burnside
Vera was wearing a sporty, flashy red beret, handing out clean
syringes to the various migrant farm workers and underprivileged so
they can live their slave-like existence in euphoria.

The economy goes to shit, and the public still remains a numbed and
subservient dung heap, only responding to the financial pleas of
snivelling bisexual stick figures like [Jonathon Mazzachi], probably a
future congressman.

Will Oregon remain a haven for conservative unemployed plebians prone
to child molestation and incest?  Or will the growing contingent of
warrior Aryan youth rechart the destiny of their people.  The choice
is yours!  If you are of European decent and not into drugs and
race-mixing, then get involved!  Write us at PO Box 68333 Portland,
Oregon.  This is [Baxter] the pagan.  Seig Heil!  97268.

Portland Oregonian
City Desk - Steve Carter
Reporter dealing with skinheads & nazis probably Dave Hogan


Dan Gannon claims that the following article is a forgery. The path suggests
that this may be true. However, as the American Front is in Portland,
Oregon, where Dan's bulletin board operates, and the article below is posted
to Gannon's system, it is included here as appropriate:

Article 28342 of alt.activism:
Xref: oneb alt.activism:28342 alt.discrimination:9311 alt.conspiracy:20395 alt.politics.correct:5655 soc.culture.african.american:20672 talk.politics.misc:95937
Path: oneb!!destroyer!ncar!vexcel!copper!!!!!!not-for-mail
From: (Dan Gannon)
Newsgroups: alt.activism,alt.discrimination,alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.correct,soc.culture.african.american,talk.politics.misc
Subject: Hey Whitey! Listen...
Message-ID: <29kce8$>
Date: 30 Sep 93 18:07:15 GMT
Organization: TECHbooks - Public Access
Lines: 69


BE SURE to tell them...

When  they  spot  your white skin and drag you kicking  and screaming
from your vehicle,  pummeling  and whacking  and kicking and stomping
without letup,  try to stop writhing for a moment and BE SURE to tell
them how much you've always deplored the evil, racist history of your

When they grasp and grab that beautiful,  blonde little bundle of joy
out of your protective arms  and  make a red-grey mash  dead pulp out
of what once was your child's face,  BE SURE  to tell them how you've
always  admired  Martin Luther King,  Jr.,  and Malcolm X,  and never
failed to vote liberal.

When they grind your knocked-out teeth into the pavement  and keep on
punching at the gummy-bloody mess of your mouth, if you can,  BE SURE
to tell them  that you  contribute to  Morris Dees,  watch OPB public
affairs  specials  all  the  time,    and  are  a  member  of  KBOO's
Multicultural Committee!

When  they  chase  you  across  the  intersection and down the alley,
hooting and howling in  bloodlust,  hacking and  mauling  with  their
knives and machetes,  gaining on you fast, turn around and BE SURE to
tell them that it's a  terrible mistake:  you  are  White  but you've
always been a dedicated  activist  against  Euro-centrism  and,  hey,
you've never really respected your own culture at all.

When  they  pour  gasoline  on  your  wife  and set the match to her,
gleefully forcing you to look on in constrained helplessness, BE SURE
to tell them that you  and she,  perfect white equalitarians,  always
made it known at  dinner  parties  that you'd never tolerate "racial"


After all, even rampaging savages need their hearty laugh-breaks.

distributed electronically by

P.O. Box 68333
Portland, OR. 97268
message phone (503) 452-5976

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-Dan Gannon

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