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Subject: The Uncomfortable Truths of the NSWPP


        I want to start with an admission. We're boat-rockers. No doubt
about it. I personally think that there are certain boats that NEED to be
rocked, but the fact is that much of the flak the Party gets from people who
claim to be "on our side" is understandable. Our stock in trade is
uncomfortable truth, and not just about those in our ranks who do not live
the ideals they claim to believe in and uphold---although that is indeed a
boat that cries out to be rocked.

        I have observed over the past two years that there are several
other deep, intrinsic truths put forth by the Party which make certain
people very, very uncomfortable indeed. They go beyond any specific person's
behavior and get into the reasons WHY WE TOLERATE that kind of behavior from
so-called "leaders". Far more than the squalid scandals themselves, that is
a can of worms that many people in the Movement, some from perfectly sincere
motives, do NOT want opened under any circumstances. The WHAT is bad but
livable, to these people. The WHY is a terrible skeleton in the Movement's
closet which, to them, must never ever be disinterred, and they lash out in
rage and fear at anyone like myself (and others) who refuses to quit

        The first deeply uncomfortable truth which National Socialism
postulates is that WE ARE THE ENEMY. Not the Jews. Not the government. Not
the liberals. Not the Federal Reserve. Not the niggers. Not the mud races.
Not the faggots. All these are just SYMPTOMS of the deep sickness which
pervades the Aryan soul. We could take care of all those other problems in a
week if we were to suddenly to wake up tomorrow morning cured of our own
psychic illness as a race. And yet faced with the necessity of examining
ourselves and making the necessary effort of will to change our thinking and
our behavior and our manner of living, White people as a whole funk it. That
goes for a lot of Movement people as well, especially quondam "leaders".
It's so much easier to blame outside scapegoats for what has happened to our
race and our country, never admitting that it has happened because we LET it
happen. Some people have literally made a career out of it.

        Some years ago, Dr. Revilo Oliver posed the question: "Have we, the
men of the West, lost the will to live?" The answer pretty much has to be
yes. I am revealing no great secrets when I say that 98% of our people have
simply given up and are lying in a hot bath, preparing to open their veins
like jaded Roman aristocrats. Our race has simply become tired of life. We
bled ourselves white in two pointless, stupid, unforgivable wars against our
German brothers on the continent of Europe, and then we wallowed for two
generations in the filthiest material luxuries Jewish invention could
devise. Our bodies are filled with poisonous chemicals and our spirits with
toxins of the soul.

        The second truth that certain people find uncomfortable is the
Party's insistence that this condition is NOT inevitable, NOT terminal, that
a sickness of the soul can be cured within the soul...but only with strong
medicine, the strongest. Only with NATIONAL SOCIALISM and the life-giving
ideal of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.

        Yes, Adolf Hitler. The name which even many otherwise intelligent,
aware, and energetic Aryans fear to utter. Half a century after his death,
the heroic figure of Adolf Hitler is so powerful, so dangerous to
complacency, so threatening to the Movement status quo, that even the
articulate and obviously dedicated German woman who issues the excellent
revisionist Z-Grams almost never utters his name. We in the NSWPP speak his
name out loud---and that TERRIFIES a lot of people, right across the
spectrum from left to right. Hitler means heat. Hitler means struggle.
Hitler means hard work in the revolutionary vinyard and lots of it. Hitler
means a demanding and unappeasable duty, a duty that most of our "comrades"
flee like the fires of Tophet. Hitler is utter anathema to the comfortable
compromise with corruption and incompetence which has so long prevailed in
what laughably passes for the White man's resistance movement. Hitler means
VICTORY or DEATH; they know it, and not having the stomach for either it
scares them pea green.

        Hitler is an ideal none of us can ever hope to come up to, and most
Movement people are too lazy, too afraid, and too uncertain even to try.
They do not understand that the glory of our people lies in trying for the
unattainable, in seeing one's duty clearly and doing it no matter what the
cost BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT, and for no other reason.

        Many years ago, the Fuhrer wrote in Mein Kampf: "When human hearts
break and human souls despair, then from the twilight of the past the great
conquerors of distress and care, of shame and misery, of spiritual slavery
and physical compulsion, look down upon them and hold out their eternal
hands to despairing mortals. Woe to the people that is ashamed to grasp them!"

        However imperfectly, however falteringly, however tenuously, the
growing number of men and women of the National Socialist White People's
Party are grasping the hand of that mighty spirit from our grandfathers'
time. Many of these other people cannot or will not---and deep within, they
are ashamed of their weakness, a shame which comes to the surface and
translates itself into bitter hatred and invective. Remember that next time
you hear someone bad-mouthing the Party.

        Our Fuhrer is looking for a few good men---and women. Do YOU have
"the right stuff"? I warn you, this is a damned hard road to walk, and not
the least of it is that you must swallow heavy doses of very uncomfortable
truth. Yet in every generation, until the threat to our people's existence
is no more, there must be at least a few of us who take this road.

        We're ready when you are.

     "This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey,

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