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Subject: Patriot Nazis, The List (# 1)
Lines: 324

I'm going to start with some background. Up till mid-1995, I lived
with a "patriot." I kicked the sonofabitch out because he couldn't
admit to himself or me what you heroes created in Oklahoma City.
It seemed pretty damn obvious to me then and now.

During the two years he lived in my house, he took me to a lot of
"patriot" meetings and I saw a lot of videos and heard a lot of
shortwave and read a lot of his mail. He left all that shit behind
when he moved out, I guess he was hoping it would change my mind.
Anyway I've had a lot of time to go through it and it just makes
me more sure of what I already guessed.

I keep reading in MAM how you heroes are being unfairly called
racists and anti-semites. Well I've seen you "patriots" from the
inside. I've been to a lot of meetings (and I still go sometimes)
and I've shook a lot of hands. I've listened to you and read your
stuff and sometimes tried to argue with you and I've read MAM for
a long time. So my knowledge is firsthand. I don't get stuff from
ADL and SPLC and Pitcavage because I don't need to. I've seen you
with my own eyes and I've heard you with my own ears.

Your movement, the "patriots" and the militias, is diseased
through and through with racism and anti-semitism and after
thinking about it, I can see three levels at which this is true.
The cheerleaders, the people who drive your movement, the talkshow
speakers and the lecturers and the authors and the newletters,
include a hell of a lot of racists and anti-semites. The people
who belong to your movement, who go to your meetings and post on
MAM, include a hell of a lot of racists and anti-semites. And
thirdly you do exactly the kind of things and say things that
racists and anti-semites do. What's that saying about if it looks
like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck?

I'm writing this from memory so I won't give all the details here.
Maybe I'll repost an improved version from time to time just to
remind you heroes who you really are. Each list contains racists,
anti-semites, and some of you heroes who are just plain sick.
You'll have to read the lists to see who's who. There are many
others, post their names and if I can prove it or you can prove it
I'll add them on.


1. Bo Gritz (Anti-semitic literature sold at SPIKE sessions.
Speaker at Pete Peters "Family Bible Retreat" meeting. Nazi
salute at Ruby Ridge; his words and the skinhead-KKK audience
makes it obvious what he was doing, and the Birchies agree,
just read The New American analysis. Also, he's on Carto's
Populist Action Committee so he KNOWS who he's in bed with).
2. Willis Carto (Long-time nazi. Founded the Institute for
Historical Reasearch, denies the Holocaust. Publishes
Spotlight. Runs the Populist Party which ran KKK-leader David
Duke for president, Gritz for VP (Gritz KNOWS who he's in bed
with) Look for CARTO.FAQ on the Net.
3. John Trochmann (Militia of Montans. Used to go Aryan Nations
meetings, he says. Filed document as "white citizen")
4. Red Beckman (Nancy Lord resigned from FIJA because of his anti-
5. Colonel Arch Roberts (I have racist stuffd from him from way
back. Provided philosophy for Posse Comitatus)
6. Randy Weaver (Ran for sheriff against ZOG, I've seen the
campaign posters)
7. David Koresh (Child molester who raped 12 year old girls, cult
leader, thought he was Jesus. What a great figurehead for you
heroes. Bears most (not all but most) responsibility for the
deaths at Waco).
8. Kirk Lyons ("Mob-lawyer" for the KKK, Aryan Nations, patriots)
9. Bill Cooper (Militia leader, UFO-crazy, even the UFO people
think he's nuts. One of his space-alien races has big noses,
are they circumcized too, Bill?)
10. Evan Mecham (Impeached when governor of Arizona, anti-semite,
heads the Constitutionists Networking Center, lots of spinoffs)
11. Nord Davis (Anti-semitic literature, eg sneers at the Statue of
Liberty because it was sculpted by a French Jew who used his
momma as the model).
12. Ray Lampley (Mad bomber who was tried lately)
13. Linda Thompson (Militia leader, wanted to march on Washington,
thinks Hitler killed Jews because the Jews were a threat to
him, even the babies, right Linda? Writes for anti-semitic
14. Louis Beam (KKK-leader, gave blueprint for terrorist-cell
structure of the militias at the 1992 Pete  Peters meeting in
Estes Park)
15. Clay Douglas (Militia leader, publishes The Free American, lots
of anti-semitic stuff)
16. Pete Peters (Christian Identity leader, preaches racism, anti-
semitism, organizes high-level patriot-militia meetings like
Estes Park (with Beam) in 1992, Jubilation (with Beam) in Lake
Tahoe in 1996). I see his stuff at patriot meetings.
17. Texe Marrs (Publishes a hysterical newsletter which attacks the
Pope and the "Jewish ADL" and mixes  UFO rubbish with
Christianity. Why is it significant that the ADL is Jewish,
18. Kurt Saxon (US Militia magazine. Publishes detailed bomb
instructions, thinks blacks are genetically inferior. Look on
his Web site. You give him money every time you buy his books).
19. John Coleman (Christian Defence League, wrote The Committee of
300, rehashes conspiracy garbage from Larouche)
20. Lyndon Larouche (long-time nazi, hates Jews and lots of other
21. Ernest Mullins (long-time anti-semite, major source of
conspiracy books on the Jewish Federal Reserve. Look for his
articles on the Stormfront KKK website).
22. Stew Webb (GOAL militia, convicted for anti-semitic harassment.
Listen to his ravings (I have) and count the Jewish names).
23. The Resister (Death-squad wannabe's. Manuals for the
Unorganized Militia. Much ranting about their superiority to
the rest of us ordinary people. Who needs democracy when we
have you heroes to herd us around at gunpoint?)
24. Des Griffin (Read his Emissary Publications book catalog, lots
of anti-semitic stuff)
25. Mark Koernke (A fan of Hitler, says Newsweek or Time in 1995,
refresh my memory)
26. Montana Freemen (Believe whites superior to blacks, defrauded
their neighbors)
27. Don Rogers (Leader of the Wichita common law court, signed
documents as a "white" freeman. What's wrong with being black
or brown, Don?)
28. 14th Amendment - state citizen movement (Whites have superior
status to blacks. Based on the racist anti-desegregation
movement from the South)


1. I've been to lots of patriot meetings where the speaker was a
racist or anti-semite off the list above. Why? Because the
audiences had Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations (lots of them),
lots of anti-semites, I've shook hands with those assholes.
Spotlight or reprints has been distributed at EVERY patriot
meeting I've been to and friends have been to. Other racist and
anti-semitic literature from your meetings: The National
Educator (with "nigger" cartoons), The Free American (anti-
semitic), The American's Bulletin (anti-semitic book-list),
Posse Comitatus literature, the Protocols of the Elders of
2. Norm Resnick is a JEWISH talkshow host on shortwave. He says
20%-30% of his audience are racists and anti-semites based on
the death threats and harassment he gets. THOSE ARE NUMBERS
3. Why does MAM have so many nazi posts? (Don Black, Huber,
Dulaney) Because those pukes started off the patriot movement.
It started with THEIR beliefs about the Jewish bankers and the
United Nations and the Federal Reserve and the Freemasons and
the Illuminati. Take out the obviously racist and anti-semitic
crap and the Christian Identity crap and then what's left is
what you patriots are spreading. YOU BELIEVE MOST OF THE SAME
CRAP THEY DO. That's why they post on MAM. They helped create
you. You can't disown them because they are part of you.
4. Tim McVeigh has friends in Elohim City. Acoording to their own
posts on MAM, Mike Chapman wants to burn the American flag,
sell drugs to buy guns, assassinate politicians and people who
know too much, and thinks sex with children is OK. Kill-a-cop
Cinege, militia-leaders Crowe and Vanderboegh,  Richard Cheek,
lots of others are just waiting for an excuse to commit murder.
According to all that "every able-bodied man" crap, THEY are
all part of your "constitutional militia" too. The Constitution
didn't give you any way to exclude them. Don't they make great
role models to brag about to your kids? They really put George
Washington and Thomas Jefferson to shame, don't they?


1. Since you heroes keep referring to Hitler's Big Lie, here it is
>from  Mein Kampf from my public library: " view of the
primitive simplicity of [the people's] mind, it is more readily
captivated by a big lie than by a small one, since it itself
often uses small lies but would be, nevertheless, too ashamed
to make use of big lies.  Such an untruth will not even occur
to it, and it will not even believe that others are capable of
the enormous insolence of the most vile distortions.  Why, even
when enlightened, it will still vacillate and be in doubt about
the matter and will nevertheless accept as true at least some
cause or other.  Consequently, even from the most impudent lie
something will always stick..."

PATRIOT BIG LIE # 1: We are not free. We are slaves. We live in
a police state.

If we were "not free," you would all have disappeared (dead or
imprisoned) years ago. The only reason you are still around
spreading this crap is because this is the only country in the
world where you have the freedom to tell such outrageous lies.
Another freedom you can't find anywhere else is the freedom to
buy unlimited quantities of weapons to use on the people around
you. You heroes exist BECAUSE of our freedom, not because of
the lack of it, and so you are doing everything you can to
destroy that freedom and create a police state by putting We
The People into the position where we have no choice except to
clamp down on you. You are not real patriots. You act more like
communist agents.

PATRIOT BIG LIE # 2: We represent "the people." We neeed to
"take America back."

If there are 20 or 30 million of you, where are your
politicians? You heroes know how to vote, don't you? There have
been lots of elections (local, national) since the patriots
started up, so where are YOUR politicians? The libertarian
party claims 3.7 million voted for them in 1994 and now they're
running 1,000 candidates. (Yes I've got their literature from
patriot meetings too). So how many are you heroes running? 100?
(Give us a list). I doubt there's more than 2 million patriot
sympathizers and about 20,000 militia heroes nationwide. You
are not "the people" and you can't "take America back" because
America never belonged to you in the first place. The REAL
people like the neighbors in Jordan, Montana would hang you
heroes from the nearest tree if they got the chance. If you
heroes are "the people" then why do the REAL people in Jordan
hold you in such contempt? By the way, don't pretend that you
heroes want to protect we the REAL people, do a search on
"sheeple" in MAM to be reminded what you really think of us.

2. Here's another tactic from Hitler that you heroes have made
your own: "In general the art of all truly great popular
leaders at all times consists primarily in not scattering the
attention of a people but rather in concentrating it always on
one single opponent...  It is part of the genius of a great
leader to make even quite different opponents appear as if they
belonged only to one category, because the recognition of
different enemies leads weak and unsure persons only too
readily to begin doubting their own cause. When the vacillating
masses see themselves fighting against too many enemies,
objectivity at once sets in and raises the question whether
really all the others are wrong and only one's own people or
one's own movement is right."

Your enemy of course is "the New World Order" which includes
every group under the sun, the United Nations, the Jewish
bankers, the Zionists, the US government, the IRS, the BATF,
the communists, the liberals, the humanists, the socialists,
the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the New Agers, the illegal
immigrants, the homosexuals, the environmentalists, the
"media," the courts, the attorneys, etc, etc. Read The
Committee of 300 for a great example. Everyone you hate is part
of the New World Order or works for them, and you hate almost
everyone. Between your Big Lies and lumping all your enemies
together under one name, you heroes have followed Hitler's
propaganda advice 100%. Aren't you proud?

3. Here's another thing that Hitler did and that you copy. Racists
and anti-semites dehumanize their enemies in exactly the same
way that you dehumanize everyone having anything to do with
"government." You talk about "government" and "bureaucrats" and
"socialists" just like Hitler talked about the Jews or the KKK
talked about niggers. They're all the same.. They're evil.
They're out to get us. People in "government" don't have the
same rights as you and me. They're subhuman. You pick the worst
examples and say everyone else is like them. I've heard it over
and over.

Here's the truth. The government is us, the REAL people, not
the 1% or less of you patriot heroes. Some of them are
incompetent, some are corrupt (and we can remove them with due
process), but most are sincere and honest and decent people.
The government is our neighbors and our friends and our
relatives, and we vote them into office and out of office, and
you are constantly threatening to kill more of them. Oklahoma
City wasn't enough for you. Only 168 dead.  Don't think for a
minute we'll support you when you start doing it again, because
you won't be at war with your imaginary "government," you'll be
at war with us, THE PEOPLE.

 You have followed the instructions of your KKK leader, Louis
Beam, and are organized in secret cells, just like the IRA or
Hamas or any other terrorist group. Nobody controls you and
nobody can hold you responsible for what you do (you hope). You
don't have to listen to anybody because you know The Truth and
everyone else is the enemy or is deluded or brainwashed or too
stupid to understand (the "Sheeple"). You issue death threats
and construct elaborate fantasies about your own self-
righteousness and strut and posture on your little political
dunghill and convince yourselves that you are important and you
play Chicken with each other. "I've had all I can stand, so are you
going to kill someone or do I have to do it?" When the time is
right, you will all crawl out from under your rocks and kill
the "government" meaning us, our friends, our relatives, our
elected representatives, because of your crazy fantasies about
the New World Order and the United Nations and the Federal
Reserve and the IRS and the Jews. Then after you've destroyed
America you'll build a new utopia on the ruins. You'll obey
your cheerleaders and send the niggers home and kill the Jews
and the college professors and everyone else that your death
squads decide are "enemies" and we'll all carry gold coins in
our pockets

We don't need protection against "the government," we need
protection against YOU. You think history will remember you as
the Founding Fathers reborn? The comparison is an insult to
their memory.You are so different you could be from another
planet. History will remember you the way it remembers any
other terrorist group, with shame and disgust that the human
race could spawn such garbage.

4. You, the patriots, (ab)use children. You see them as something
to be used for your own sick purposes. For a mother, maybe this
is the most disgusting thing about your whole movement. David
Koresh was a child molester who raped 12-year old girls, and
yet you make Waco a rallying cry for  your movement. In the
end his fanaticism and callousness was the primary cause of
the deaths of 17 children. Randy Weaver pinned guns on his
children's hips while they were besieged by law enforcement.
Why didn't he just paint targets on their foreheads? I heard on
shortwave that what turned Charles Duke against the Montana
Freemen was the pregnant 14-year-old married to a 40-year-old
and kidnapped to the ranch. Now the Freemen hide behind their
children. After Oklahoma City, some of you heroes complained
that children shouldn't have been kept in the "war zone" (the
daycare center in the federal building). You heroes, not their
parents (who worked for "the government") declared war on those
children. Mike Chapman, who helped start up MAM, can see
nothing wrong with having sex with children. I've listened to
people at patriot meetings and on shortwave spreading scares
about vaccination. Have you any idea what it is like to lose a
child to diphtheria, or to be paralysed for life by polio? Our
children need protection against you heroes. You are part of
America's problems, not part of the solution.

Mary Ann

"He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind."

From Wed Jun 12 10:10:39 PDT 1996
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From: (Danny Ellenburg)
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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 4:18:21 GMT
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Subject: Re: Patriot Nazis, The List (# 1)
Lines: 81

In <834545884$>
>"He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind."

Mary Ann,

You certainly did your homework, but I cannot find a way to give you an
"A".  Though much of what you said had some substance of truth in it,
the only "Militia Leader" you mentioned (that I am familiar with) is
John Trochman (of the Militia of Montana,) and I think you will be
hard-pressed to get your racist label to stick to him.  In fact, the
very "mission" of the Constitution Militias (of which MOM is in
confederation) denounces racism, as with this clause... "that every
citizen, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, or
physical charateristic has the right to due process of law..."

Note the wording of the clause.  A racist most certainly doesn't want
those of "inferior" races to receive the same rights as he or she, and
expecially that sacred legal right of Due Process. A Racist will labor
to ensure there is NOT equal protection from the law, except for
members of his or her "chosen" race. 

As for the New World Order stuff, only a lame-brain would deny that
much of the sovereignty of the U.S. has been shifted to World
Organizations (e.g., U.N., world or regional trade organizations, world
banks, etc.) But that is not nearly as critical an issue to
Constitutional Militias as you might think.  

The most critical issue, at least to this militia member, is the
infringement (and even the sheer denial) of the Jeffersonian principle
of limited, "hands-off" government.  Jefferson spent his entire adult
life fighting against the unnatural tendency of government to pass laws
to "protect the people from themselves."  To Jefferson, that tendency
of government was most dangerous and destructive to Liberty.   

I agree with Jefferson. Every time government uses the "General
Welfare", "Common Good", "Public Safety", or, in general, the "I am
smarter than the Constitution because I am a politician or a judge"
approach to usurp the Constitution and create "law," the end result is
always the same -- power is wrested from the people and deposited in
the garden of government where that power is nourished and cultivated
to ensure its continual growth and development, leaving the people with
less and less power with every passing day.

Case in point: When the federal power to create Asset Forfeiture Laws
was initually usurped from the people, the arguements for the
usurpation were reasonably "good" -- to have a tool at the disposal of
the government to "take the profit out of the pockets of major drug
dealers."  But as that usurped power has been fertilized and watered
over the years, it has grown to the point that no property is safe from
the greedy hands of government (Federal, State, or Local.)

Mary Ann, try to understand that not all of us are hiding behind the
militia movement to push our own agenda.  Some of us truly are in the
movement for the resoration and preservation of Liberty for all
citizens, which can come about only with the restoration of the
Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.  Also keep in mind that
one of the most ardent "blanket-labelers," Morris Dees, has stated
publically that less than one-third of the militia groups he is
familiar with are "racist."  Please try to not to abuse us with your

In any case, there is a solution to the problem of "racist militia"
groups, and it is a simple one: overwhelm them with sheer numbers. That
is, let every one concerned stop his or her whining, throw off the mask
of timidity, and join a Constitutional Militia -- one that fights for
the Liberty of all citizens.  After all, isn't that what our Founding
Fathers intended for us to do?  I think so...

Very truly yours,

Colonel Dan Ellenburg
Commander. 1st Division
South Carolina Civilian Militia Corps

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