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From Fri Nov  1 11:04:27 PST 1996
Article: 42835 of misc.activism.militia
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Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 16:03:03 GMT
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Subject: CHARTER
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Citizens bearing arms for the common defense. (Moderated)


The misc.activism.militia newsgroup will be open to discussion on
all aspects of organized and unorganized civilian firearms ownership
for the purposes of ensuring domestic tranquility and the protection
of the civil rights of all people.  This includes information on
training, organization, gunsmithing, purchasing and selling weapons
and ammunition and any other issues relevant to militias.  Also
included are any community-oriented volunteer policing activities.

This newsgroup is not for discussion of the politics of
gun ownership and use in general; any such posts should be
directed to talk.politics.guns.  All discussions on recreational
uses of firearms, and firearms in general, belong in rec.guns.
It is acceptable to discuss any and all issues related
directly to militias, including the ethics of militia

Messages containing encrypted material may not be posted on
misc.activism.militia.  Private email or a mailing list
should be used for this purpose.

Messages carrying out transactions or other material that may
be in violation of any law should never be sent on USENET,
as this brings risk of prosecution and harassment to all the
organizations responsible for its distribution.  This includes, but
is not limited to, illegal firearms or ammunition transactions,
threats of death or bodily harm, murder contracts, plots to
overthrow legitimate governments, and restricted distribution
information or data which you do not have permission to
distribute.  If it is your intent to do any of the above,
misc.activism.militia is an inappropriate forum.


Misc.activism.militia will be a moderated newsgroup for the purpose
of preventing cross-posting (excluding the two exceptions
below).  The automated moderator,,
will reject any cross-posted material (notifying the sender of the
rejection) but will not otherwise generally restrict the content of
posts (except as described below).  Messages crossposted to news.answers
and misc.answers will be allowed, but the moderator may, at his
discretion, block responses to crossposted messages.  David
Hollingsworth, the operator of the robot moderator, can be reached at and shall further be considered the
moderator of misc.activism.militia.

The automated moderator will enforce the content guidelines mentioned
in the Charter, if necessary.  No person shall be banished for
off-topic discussion (i.e. harassment or anti-militia sentiments)
without a public discussion period of one week followed by a two-week
vote requiring a majority to succeed.  No banishment shall be
for longer than a period of 90 days, during which time the
individual may post one public request every 30 days for his
readmission.  Aside from banishment, a public vote can be
used to impose message length or number restrictions on troublesome
individuals.  The moderator may refuse to act on any vote
passing with less than a three-quarters majority.  Further,
votes from people who have not posted to misc.activism.militia
within the previous 90 days shall be declared void.  Copies
must be kept of all votes received, regardless of validity.
No vote is required to enforce the restrictions on encrypted
messages or illegal content.

Modifications to the rules of moderation under this charter
will require a three-week discussion period followed by a
three-week vote.  The vote must succeed with a two-thirds
majority to be binding.  Any votes from people who have
not posted to misc.activism.militia within the past 90 days
shall be declared void.

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