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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression - Volume Two, Chapter 15

Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 9.
Vol. I, Pg. 6

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix B. Vol. I, Pp. 29,70-71

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

                                                  [Page 303]
*071-PS; Rosenberg letter to Bormann, 23 April 1941,
replying to Bormann's letter of 19 April 1941 (Document 072-
PS). (USA 371). Vol. III, Pg. 119

*498-PS; Top Secret Fuehrer Order for killing of commandos,
18 October 1942. (USA 501). Vol. III, Pg.  416

*501-PS; Collection of four documents on execution by gas,
June 1942, one signed by Dr. Becker, SS Untersturmfuehrer at
Kiev, 16 May 1942. (USA 288). Vol. III, Pg. 418

*502-PS; Order, 17 July 1941, entitled "regulations for the
Commandos of the Chief of the SIPO and SD which are to be
activated in Stalags". (USA 486) Vol. III, Pg. 422

*526-PS; Top secret notice, 10 May 1943, concerning
saboteurs captured and shot in Norway. (USA 502). Vol. III,

532-PS; Telegram of WFSt, 24 June 1944, concerning treatment
of Commandos. Vol. III, Pg. 437

*553-PS; Order signed by Keitel, 4 August 1942, regulating
treatment of paratroops. (USA 500). Vol. III, Pg. 441

                                                  [Page 304]
*654-PS; Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion
with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for
extermination through work. (USA 218). Vol. III, Pg. 497

*668-PS; Letter from Chief of the SIPO and SD and OKW
letter, 24 June 1942, concerning prosecution of punishable
offenses against the Reich or occupation forces in occupied
territories. (USA 504). Vol. III, Pg. 476

*674-PS; Secret letter from President of High District Court
of Kattowitz re executions being carried out by Gestapo
without judicial processes, 3 March 1941. (USA 505). Vol.
III, Pg.478

*701-PS; Letter from Minister of Justice to Prosecutors, 1
April 1943, concerning Poles and Jews who are released from
Penal institutions of Department of Justice. (USA 497). Vol.
III, Pg. 510

*710-PS; Letter from Goering to Heydrich, 31 July 941,
concerning solution of Jewish question. (USA 509) Vol. III,
Pg. 525

745-PS; Letter from Chief of SD, Koblenz, 12 June 1944,
concerning enemy aviators who have been shot down. Vol. III,
Pg. 543

775-PS; Memorandum of Minister of the Interior concerning
clarification of police matters, 1935. Vol. III, Pg. 547

779-PS; Directive by Frick, regulating "protective custody",
12 April 1934. Vol. III, Pg. 555

833-PS; Instructions by Admiral Canaris, Head of the Abwehr,
2 February 1942, concerning prosecution of crimes against
the Reich or occupying forces in the occupied territories.
Vol. III, Pg. 600

                                                  [Page 305]

*1061-PS; Official report of Stroop, SS and Police Leader of
Warsaw, on destruction of Warsaw Ghetto; 1943. (USA 275)
Vol. III, Pg. 718

*1063-A-PS; Order of Chief of SIPO and SD, 2 January 1941,
concerning classification of concentration camps. (USA 492).
Vol. III, Pg.775

*1063-B-PS; Letter signed by Kaltenbrunner, 26 July 1943,
concerning establishment of Labor Reformatory camps. (USA
492). Vol. III, Pg. 777

*1063-D-PS; Mueller's order, 117 February 1942, concerning
prisoners qualified for work to be sent to concentration
camps. (USA 219). Vol. III, Pg. 778

1063-E-PS; Copy of Mueller's order, 25 June 1942, concerning
increased shipments to concentration camps. (USA 219). Vol.
III, Pg. 780

*1104-PS; Memorandum, 21 November 1941, enclosing copies of
report concerning anti-Jewish action in Minsk. (USA 483).
Vol. III, Pg. 783

1113-PS; Report of 6 November 1942 concerning action
"Marshfever". Vol. III, Pg. 792

*1165-PS; Letter.from Commandant of concentration Camp Gross
Rosen, 23 October 1941, and letter of Mueller to all Gestapo
offices, 9 November 1941, concerning execution of Russian
PW's. (USA 244). Vol. III, Pg. 821

*1276-PS; Top secret letter from Chief of SIPO and SD to
OKW/WFST, 17 June 1944, concerning Commando operations. (USA
525). Vol. III, Pg. 855

1285-PS; Extract from The German Police, 1943, pp. 81-82.

1437-PS; Law concerning reuniting of Austria with German
Reich, 18 March 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.
262. Vol. IV, Pg.  17.

                                                  [Page 306]
1438-PS; Fuehrer concerning administration of Sudeten-German
territory, 22 October 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
p. 1453. Vol. IV, Pg. 17

*1472-PS; Copy of telegram from Mueller to Himmler, 16
December 1942, concerning recruiting Jewish labor. (USA 279)
Vol. IV, Pg. 49

*1481-PS; Gestapo order, 20 January 1938, dissolving and
confiscating property of Catholic Youth Womens Organization
in Bavaria. (USA 737). Vol. IV, Pg. 50

*1514-PS; Order, 27 July 1944, from 6th Corps Area Command
concerning delivery of prisoners of war to secret state
police. (USA 491). Vol. IV, Pg. 53

*1521-PS; Report from the Bavarian Political Police to the
Gestapo, Berlin, 24 August 1934, concerning National
mourning on occasion of death of von Hindenburg. (USA 740).
Vol. IV, Pg. 75

*1531-PS; Directive from RSHA, 26 October 1939, concerning
execution of protective custody, and directive, 12 June
1942, concerning third degree. (USA 248). Vol. IV, Pg. 93

1551-PS; Decree assigning functions in Office of Chief of
German Police, 26 June 1936. 1936 Reichs Ministerialblatt,
pp. 946-948. Vol. IV, Pg. 106

*1573-PS; Order signed Mueller, 18 June 1941, concerning
measures to be taken against Emigrants and civilian workers
from Russian areas and against Foreign workers. (USA 498).
Vol. IV, Pg. 112

                                                  [Page 307]

1638-PS; Circular of Minister of Interior, 11 November 1938,
on cooperation of SD and other authorities. 1938 Reichs
Ministerialblatt, p. 1906. Vol. IV, Pg. 142

*1650-PS; Directive to State Police Directorates from Chief
of SIPO and SD by Mueller, 4 March 1944, concerning captured
escaped PWs except British and American PWs. (USA 246). Vol.
IV, Pg. 158

*1680-PS; "Ten Years Security Police and SD" published in
The German Police, 1 February 1943. (USA 477). Vol. IV, Pg.

*1723-PS; Order concerning cooperation of Party voices with
the Secret State Police, 25 January 1938, published in
Decrees, Regulations, Announcement, 1937, Vol. II, pp. 430
439. (USA 206). Vol. IV, Pg. 219

*1815-PS; Documents on RSHA meeting concerning the study and
treatment of church politics. (USA 510). Vol. IV, Pg. 415

*1852-PS; "Law" from The German Police, 1941, by Dr. Werner
Best. (USA 449) (See Chart No. 16.). Vol. IV, Pg. 490

1956-PS; Meanings and Tasks of the Secret State Police,
published in Archives, January 1936, Vol. 22-24, p. 1342.
Vol. IV, Pg. 598

2073-PS; Decree concerning the appointment of a Chief of
German Police in the Ministry of the Interior, 17 June 1936.
1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 487. Vol. IV, Pg. 703

2104-PS; Law on organization of Secret State Police office,
26 April 1933. 1933 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, p. 122. Vol.
IV, Pg. 730

                                                  [Page 308]

2105-PS; Law on Secret State Police of 30 November 1933.
1933 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, p. 413. Vol. IV, Pg. 731

2107-PS; Law on Secret State Police of 10 February 1936 .
1936 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, pp. 21-22. Vol. IV, Pg.

2108-PS; Decree for execution of Law on Secret State Police
of 10 February 1936 . 1936 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, pp.
22-24. Vol. IV, Pg. 732

2113-PS; Decree for application of law of 20 November 1933,
concerning Secret State Police of 8 March 1934. 1934
Preussische Gesetzsammlung, p. 143. Vol. IV, Pg. 743

2232-PS; Tasks and Means of a Political Police, from German
Administrative Law by Hans Frank, pp. 420. Vol. IV, Pg. 881

2243-PS; Law relating to finance measures in connection with
the police, 19 March 1937. 1937 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
p. 325. Vol. IV, Pg.924

2245-PS; Frick decree of 20 September 1936  concerning
employment of Security Police Inspectors. 1936 Reichs
Ministerialblatt, pp. 1343-1344. Vol. IV, Pg. 928

*2273-PS; Extract from a top secret report of Einsatz Group
A. (USA 487) (Se Chart No. 4.). Vol. IV, Pg. 944

*2285-PS; Affidavit, 13 May 1945, by two French officers,
about shooting of prisoners at Mauthausen. (USA 490). Vol.
IV, Pg. 991

2344-PS; Reconstruction of a Nation by Goering, 1934, p. 89.
Vol. IV, Pg. 1065

2347-PS; Court decisions from 1935 Reichsverwaltungsblatt,
Vol. 56, pp. 577-578, 20 July 1935. Vol. IV, Pg. 1066

                                                  [Page 309]

*2348-PS; Affidavit of Rauff, Head of Amt II D, RSHA, 19
October 1945. (USA 485)

2371-PS; Execution of ordinance for Security of people and
state, 28 February 1933. 1933 Reichs Ministerialblatt, Part
I, p. 543.

2372-PS; Unified Designation of offices of Secret State
Police in Reich. 1936 Reichs Ministerial Gazette, Part V,
pp.1344-5. Vol. IV, Pg. 1105

2374-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Mildner, 27 June 1945,
concerning treatment of English-American commando groups.
Vol. V. Pg. 1

2375-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Mildner, 16 November 1945,
concerning activities of SIPO and SD. Vol. V. Pg. 2

2376-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Mildner, 16 November 1945,
concerning treatment of Jews. Vol. V. Pg. 3

*2460-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Diels. (USA 751). Vol. V. Pg.

*2477-PS; Affidavit of Willy Litzenberg, 4 November 1945.
(USA 518). Vol. V. Pg. 229

2478-PS; Affidavit of Willy Lltzenberg, 4 November 1945.
Vol. V. Pg. 230

2479-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Mildner, 4 November 1945.
Vol. V. Pg. 230

*2499-PS; Original Protective Custody Order served on Dr. R.
Kempner, 15 March 1935. (USA 232) Vol. V. Pg. 236

*2542-PS; Affidavit of Kurt Lindow, 30 September 1945. (USA
489). Vol. V. Pg. 286

*2605-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Kastner, former President
of the Hungarian Zionist Organization, 13 September 1945.
(USA 242). Vol. V. Pg. 313

                                                  [Page 310]

*2614-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, 5 November 1945.
(USA 918). Vol. V. Pg. 337

2615-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, 5 November 1945.
Vol. V.  Pg. 338

*2620-PS; Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 5 November 1945. (USA
919). Vol. V. Pg. 341

2622-PS; Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, Vol. V. Pg. 343

2644-PS; Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 5 November 1945. Vol.
V. Pg. 357

2645-PS; Affidavit of Gottfried Boley, 14 November 1945.
Vol. V. Pg. 357

*2751-PS; Affidavit of Alfred Naujocks, 20 November 1945.
(USA 482). Vol. V, Pg. 390

2752-PS; Affidavit of Willy Litzenberg, 8 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg. 392

2846-PS; Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen,  13 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg. 507

2884-PS; Affidavit of Walter Warlimont, 14 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg. 550

2890-PS; Extracts from Befehlsblatt of the SIPO and SD. Vol.
V, Pg. 557

*2990-PS; Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 18 November
1945. (USA 526). Vol. V, Pg. 694

*2992-PS; Affidavits of Hermann Graebe. (USA 494). Vol. V,
Pg. 696

*3012-PS; Order signed Christiansen, 19 March 1943, to all
group leaders of Security Service, and record of telephone
conversation signed by Stapj, 11 March 1943. (USA 190). Vol.
V, Pg. 731

*3033-PS; Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 121 January
1945. (USA 488). Vol. V, Pg. 741

*3051-PS; Three teletype orders from Heydrich to all
stations of State Police, 10 November 1938, on measures
against Jews, and one order from Heydrich on.termination of
protest actions. (USA 240). Vol. V, Pg. 797

                                                  [Page 311]

*3058-PS; Letter from Heydrich to Goering, 11 November 1938,
reporting action against the Jews. (USA 508). Vol. V, Pg.

3343-PS; Speech delivered at labor-meeting of Prussian State
Council on 18 June 1934, from Speeches and Essays of Hermann
Goering. Vol. VI, Pg. 78

3344-PS; Extract from Befehlsblatt of the Chief of Security
Police and SD, Berlin, 7 September 1942, No. 39, p. 249.
Vol. VI, Pg.78

*3360-PS; Teletype, 12 February 1944, relating to recaptured
escaped Eastern laborers. (USA 499). Vol. VI, Pg. 95

3363-PS; Special delivery letter, 21 September 1939, from
Chief of Security Police to Chiefs of all detail groups
concerning Jewish problem in Occupied zone. Vol. VI, Pg. 97

*3840-PS; Statement of Karl Kaleske, 24 February 1946,
concerning the elimination of the Warsaw Ghetto. (USA 803).
Vol. VI, Pg. 775

*3841-PS; Statement of SS and Polizeifuehrer Juergen Stroop,
24 February 1946, concerning elimination of the Warsaw
Ghetto. (USA 804). Vol. VI, Pg. 776

*3868-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, 5 April
1946, concerning execution of 3,000,000 people at Auschwitz
Extermination Center. (USA 819). Vol. VI, Pg. 787

D-46; Order designating Herzogenbosch as concentration camp,
18 January 1943. Vol. VI, Pg. 1025

D-50; Order establishing concentration camps at Lublin, 9
April 1943. Vol. VI, Pg. 1027

                                                  [Page 312]

D-183; Order of Gestapo Office, Darmstadt, 7 December 1938,
concerning treatment of articles secured during protest
action against Jews. Vol. VI, Pg. 1075

*D-569; File of circulars from Reichsfuehrer SS, the OKW,
Inspector of Concentration Camps, Chief of Security Police
and SD, dating from 29 October 1941 through 22 February
1944, relative to procedure in cases of unnatural death of
Soviet PW, execution of Soviet PW, etc. (GB 277). Vol. VII,
Pg. 74

*D-762; Order of Hitler, 30 July 1944, concerning combatting
of "terrorists" and "saboteurs" in Occupied Territories. (GB
298). Vol. VII, Pg. 221

*D-763; Circular of OKW, 18 August 1944, regarding penal
jurisdiction of nonGerman civilians in Occupied Territories.
(GB 300). Vol. VII, Pg. 222

*L-18; Official report, Katzmann to General of Police
Krueger, 30 June 1943, concerning "Solution of Jewish
Question in Galicia". (USA 277). Vol. VII, Pg. 755

*L-37; Letter from Iillmer, Chief of the SIPO and SD of
Radom, to subordinates, 19 July 1944, concerning collective
responsibility of members of families of assassins and
saboteurs. (USA 506). Vol. VII, Pg. 782

*L-41; Orders of Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, 117 February
1942 and 23 March 1943, concerning transfer of workers to
concentration camps. (USA 496). Vol. VII, Pg. 784

*L-51; Affidavit of Adolf Zutter, 2 August 1945. (USA 521).
Vol. VII, Pg. 798

                                                  [Page 313]
*L-53; Order from Commandant of the SIPO and SD for the
Radom District to Branch Office in Tomaschow,- 21 July 1944,
on clearance of prisons. (USA 291). Vol. VII, Pg. 814

*L-61; Express letter from Sauckel to Presidents of Landes
Employment Office, 26 November 1942, concerning employment
of Jews and exchange of Jews in essential employment against
Polish labor. (USA 177). Vol. VII, Pg. 816

*L-89; Top secret letter issued by the Commandant of the
SIPO and SD, District Radom, 24 February 1944, concerning
intensified interrogations. (USA 507). Vol. VII, Pg. 868

*L-90; Fuehrer decree, February 1942, concerning prosecution
of offenses in Occupied Territory; "First Ordinance" signed
by Keitel for execution of the directive; memorandum of 12
December 1941, signed by Keitel. (USA 503). Vol. VII, Pg.871

L-152; RSHA Order concerning fraternization of Jews and
Aryans, 13 January 1941. Vol. VII, Pg.903

L-167; Orders of the Reichsminister of the Interior, 24
March 1942, concerning use of public transportation by Jews,
and covering letters. Vol. VII, Pg. 917

*L-180; Report by SS Brigade Commander Stahlecker to
Himmler, "Action Group A", 15 October 1941. (USA 276). Vol.
VII, Pg. 978

*L-215; Organization plan of the RSHA, 1 January 1941. (USA
484). Vol. VII, Pg. 1045

                                                  [Page 314]

*L-215; File of orders and dossiers of 25 Luxembourgers
committed to concentration camps at various times in 1944.
(USA 243). Vol. VII, Pg. 1052

L-217; Order of Secret State Police concerning camouflage of
Jewish businesses, 20 November 1936. Vol. VII, Pg. 1052

*L-219; Organization plan of the RSHA as of 1 October 1943.
(USA 479). Vol. VII, Pg. 1053

L-297; Law commissioning Secret State Police Bureau with
supervision of duties of Political Police commanders in
provinces, 20 September 1936 . 1936 Reichs Ministerialblatt,
p. 1343. Vol. VII, Pg. 1099

L-301; New ruling on protective custody, from The Archive,
April 1934, p. 31. Vol. VII, Pg. 1099

*L-316; RSHA Order of 5 November 1942, signed by
Streckenbach, concerning jurisdiction over Poles and Eastern
Nationals. (USA 346). Vol. VII, Pg. 1104

*L-358; Extract from register of arrests by Gestapo in
Poland, 1943. (USA 495). Vol. VII, Pg. 1107

*L-361; Three documents concerning the formation of the
RSHA, Himmler, 27 September 1939; Heydrich, 23 September
1939 and 27 September 1939. (USA 478). Vol. VII, Pg. 1109

*R-102; Report on activities of The Task Forces of SIPO and
SD in USSR, 1 October 1941-31 October 1941. (USA 470). Vol.
VIII, Pg. 96

*R-110; Himmler order of 10 August 1943 to all Senior
Executive SS and Police officers. (USA 333). Vol. VIII, Pg.

*R-135; Letter to Rosenberg enclosing secret reports from
Kube on German atrocities in the East, 18 June 1943, found
in Himmler's personal files. (USA 289). Vol. VIII, Pg. 205

                                                  [Page 315]

*R-142; Memoranda to Koblenz District Headquarters, 22 April
1938 and 7 May 1938, relating to the plebiscite of 10 April
1938. (USA 481). Vol. VIII, Pg. 243

*R-145; State Police Order, 28 May 1934, at Duesseldorf,
signed Schmid, concerning sanction of denominational youth
and professional associations and distribution of
publications in churches. (USA 745). Vol. VIII, Pg. 248

Affidavit A; Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen, 21 January 1946,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 30 November 1945 and 1 December 1945. Vol. VIII,
Pg. 587

Affidavit B; Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 20 November 1945,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 3 January 1946. Vol. VIII, Pg. 596

Affidavit C; Affidavit of Dieter Wisliceny, 29 November
1945, substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg, 3 January 1946. 606

Affidavit D; Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 23 January
1946, substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg, 4 January 1946. 622

Statement IX; My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the
Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg.

*Chart No. 1; National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2). 770

                                                  [Page 316]

*Chart No. 3; Organization of the SS. (USA 445). Vol. VIII,
Pg. 772

*Chart No. 4; Report of Special Purpose Group "A" regarding
Jews killed in the Baltic Countries, White Russia and
Lithuania. (2273-PS; USA 487). Vol. VIII, Pg. 773

*Chart No. 6; Position of Kaltenbrunner and the Gestapo and
SD in the German Police System. (USA 493). Vol. VIII, Pg.

*Chart No. 16; The Structure of the German Police. (1852-PS;
USA 449). End of VIII

*Chart No. 19; Organization of the Security Police (Gestapo
and Kripo) and the SD 1943-1945. (USA 480). End of VIII

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