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From Mon Apr  1 12:50:28 PST 1996
Article: 40151 of soc.culture.jewish
From: (Jay Winkler)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.jewish
Subject: RFD - Nazi Group called National Socialism
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 02:51:41 GMT
Organization: CADVision
Lines: 81
Message-ID: <>
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                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
          unmoderated group talk.politics.socialism.national

This is a formal Request for Discussion for the creation of the
unmoderated Usenet newsgroup talk.politics.socialism.national.  This
is not a Call for Votes - do not vote now. To participate in the
discussion, follow the topic on news.groups.  Please do not discuss
the group creation in other groups - it will most probably be off
topic there.

RATIONALE: talk.politics.socialism.national

There is no appropriate newsgroup for discussion of National
Socialism, a phenomenon which is international in scope. Persons who
have an interest in this political movement have no appropriate venue
on USENET in which to discuss this controversial topic. Other
talk.politics groups' topics are too dissimilar, and many of their
participants are in no way receptive of posts about this heated
topic. Some discussion of National Socialism occurs on alt.skinheads,
alt.politics.white-power, and alt.politics.nationalism.white, but it
is inappropriate there due to the first's mostly lifestyle-related
matters, and the white-centric nature of the other two (National
Socialism may be popular in other cultures).

talk.politics.socialism.national will prevent this "intrusion" of
activists into other, more vaguely-defined, newsgroups, where they
will not be welcomed. Discussions would necessarily be free and open,
due to the topic's controversial nature. This group should be
unmoderated because a moderator could exercise undue control over one
viewpoint's postings.

CHARTER: talk.politics.socialism.national

All issues relating to the political movement known as National
Socialism, since it's inception until the present, covering all
languages and nationalities of activists, and all strategies for it's

Talk.politics.socialism.national is an unmoderated newsgroup for the
discussion of the National Socialist movement. Both supporters and
opponents will find the group educational and intriguing.

Potential topics will relate to the origin, development, and
dissemination of National Socialism; to the policies promulgated by a
National Socialist government; and to the specific views of particular
National Socialist organizations, in all countries around the world.



This RFD initiates a discussion period of at least 21 days.  If a con-
sensus on the charter and the name of the group is reached, a Call for
Votes (CFV) for the group will be issued.  Exact voting conditions
will be outlined in the CFV and the vote will be conducted by a
neutral third party.  The voting period will last from 21 to 31 days
and the group will pass if the YES votes outnumber the NO votes by at
least 100 votes and if at least 2/3rds of the votes are in favor of
the new group.

For more detailed information about the procedure, see "How to Create
a New Usenet Newsgroup" in news.announce.newusers.  You can also find
information about the group creation at the UVV web site at


This RFD is cross-posted to the following Usenet newsgroups:

news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, alt.politics.nationalism.white,
alt.politics.white-power, alt.skinheads, alt.revisionism,
talk.politics.misc, talk.politics.theory,

"The fate of every last Sub-Aryan man, woman, and hermaphrodite on
planet lies squarely on the shoulders of us here today.  Out of all
Sub-Aryan organizations in the Nation, the Church [of the SubGenius],
and only the Church has the potential to bring us to victory!"-- Bob

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