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From: (Charles Don Hall)
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Subject: Re: How to Spot a aryan
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Date: 12 Jun 1996 14:16:25 GMT
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In article ,
White Wolf  wrote:
>In article <4petn4$>, (Chris
>Morton) wrote:
>> (kevin s. carroll) wrote:
>> >Ken McVay OBC ( wrote:
>> >: In article <4p085n$>, 
>> >: Blackman  wrote:
>> >: >Could you please expand on the term Aryan.  Could you share with everyone 
>> >: >what it means to you?
>> >: Perhaps I can assist....
>> >:      Low self-esteem
>> >:      Lack of achievement
>> >:      Poor education
>> >:      Little ambition
>> >:      Refusal to pay own dues
>> >:      Tendency to blame others for own lack of
>> >:      accomplishment in life -- i.e. serious problem
>> >:      accepting responsibility for themselves
>These are simply descriptions of African Americans falsely applied to
>white people. We all know to whom these traits really apply.

Those traits weren't used to describe "white people"...they were used
to describe self-proclaimed "Aryans". IMHO, they're pretty accurate;
you can verify this with a quick scan of alt.politics.white-power
or alt.politics.nationalism.white.

>80% children out of wedlock
>17% high school graduation rate
>32% Howard University graduation rate
>no increase in intellectuality through integration, but same rate of failure
>85 point mean average IQ for blacks vs. 103 for whites, 105 for asians,
>115 for jews
>75% urban households on welfare
>80% of black women hate black men and consider them such losers they won't marry
>50% of YBM's have felony prison time on their records
>98% of blacks supported OJ Simpson killing a white woman and going free
>95% of blacks hate whites
>72% of black urban areas are wrecked, devoid of businesses
>approximately 30% of businesses in black areas are Korean, Pakistani and
>Jewish owned and blacks hate them for making blacks look bad

I'm not sure where you're getting these figures from. Yesterday's
edition of the _Washington_Post_ had some of the latest census 
figures on African Americans. (Page A3 of the June 11, 1996 issue).

>From  this, we can see that a lot of your numbers are off. For example:
   - 73.8% of African Americans aged 25 and over have completed high 
     school. This is up from 63.1% in 1990.
   - 13% of African Americans aged 25 and over have graduated from
     college, up from 11.3% in 1990.
   - 72.6% of African American households had incomes above the
     poverty level in 1994. 

The article didn't have any figures for the number of African
Americans who "hate whites", but I really doubt that it's 95%.
I'm equally skeptical of the rest of your figures.

Still, your article hasn't been completely wasted. It's given
me additional input for two sets of statistics that I've
been gathering:
   - 100% of the "facts" posted by self-proclaimed Aryans
     are invariably outdated, out-of-context, or just plain
   - If all of the African Americans, Jews, and others
     were to somehow vanish overnight, then 100% of 
     self-proclaimed Aryans would (still) be pathetic
     losers with no education and no future.
(I should note that this really isn't a scientific survey,
but in my experience those numbers are pretty accurate.)

[Followups set.]

Charles Don Hall, Licensed Philosopher  (

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