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Subject: Re: Jewish role in Ukrainian holocaust: non-PC history lesson
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In article <> Tue, 26 Oct
1999 21:57:45 -0700 binyomin  wrote:


>But the argument ignores our history: the turn of the century pogroms
>in Kishinev and Odessa, the mass murder of Jews in Ukraine during the
>Civil War . . . With the particular agonies reserved for Jews in
>Russia, how could they forget that pain long enugh to want to
>participate in its infliction? (This is all still on p. 147)


As an aside, and to show how much Jews were loved by Ukrainians, it is
interesting to note that 1200 (twelve hundred) laws were passed that
were specific to Jews in the period 1649-1881 and that more than half
of these were passed by Nicholas I (1825-55).

There were state-sponsored pogroms in 1881-82, 1903, 1905, the
disgraceful charges of "ritual murder" in the Beilis affair of 1913,
expulsions from Kiev 1886 and Moscow 1891. In October 1905 alone, 690
seperate pogroms were carried out!

The Jewish response to this persecution was to emigrate to the USA,
increased support for Zionism and (for some) support for the
revolutionary parties, however only about 0.5% of Jews joined the
Bolsheviek party. Although Jews had temporarily a noticeable
representation in the Bolsheveik Party (in 1922, 13.6% of the CP(B)U),
this figure is not out of proportion to their representation in the
Ukrainian population - in 1897 Jews constituted 8.3% of the total
population of the Ukraine, but a whopping 27.4% of its urban
population in 1897 or 22.8% in 1926.

It is also rather more likely that urban dwellers are more likely to
become involved in political movements than rural dwellers, so, if
anything, the number of Bolsheveik Jews is lower than might be
expected from their numbers among urban dwellers.

Also, it is undeniable that Jews suffered more under the Bolsheveiks
than anyone else. The Bolsheveiks banned both religious activity and
private trade and commerce which most Jews were involved in (whilst
most non-Jewish Ukrainians were involved in agricultural activity).
Also, in elections during the revolution to Jewish communal councils,
66% of votes went to non-Socialist parties, and only 34% went to
socialist parties. Nevertheless, there were pogroms by Whites,
peasants otamans, some units of the UNR Army, anarchists and the Red
Army who regarded the Jews as being Bolsheveik.

(Reference for facts: "Jews", Encyclopedia of the Ukraine, University
of Toronto Press, ISBN 0-8020-3444-6, 1988)

Also, some other factoids to throw in:

Lenin was not a Jew, he came from Russian nobility.

Marx was baptised as a child, had no Jewish upbringing and was an

Frederick Engles was an "Aryan".

J.H. Seraphim "an Aryan" wrote in the supplement to "Handworterbuch

"The origins of Bolshevism lie deep down in the Russian nature and in
the politico-economic structure of the Empire of the Tzars. To
conceive it as merely a variant of proletarian Socialism of the
Marxist school is to disregard its distinctively national character".

Hugo Valentin in "Anti-Semitism" wrote:

"The tutors of the radical and revolutionary Russians in atheism,
materialism, nihilism, terrorism, socialism and anarchism were
Russians, such as Alexander Herson, Bielinksky, Pisarov,
Tchernyshevsky and Bakunin - Englishmen and Germans."

"The International Communist", official Bolsheveik newspaper wrote in
April 1920:

"The Jewish Socialist groups have pursued a theoretical struggle
against Bolshevism. All the Jeiwh socialist parties were convinced
that Bolshevism would not be long in breaking down. The Jewish workers
resisted the Bolsheviks with armed force, particularly in the Ukraine,
a region which was conquered with so much difficulty by Bolshevism."

The Jews suffered more than any other group after the Bolshevik
victory because 40% of Jews (in the USSR) lived by private trade which
was prohibited by the Bolsheviks.

It is true that there were initially some Jews in the USSR Communist
Party (in 1918 there were 2.6% Jews compared with 3.7% Estonians, 6.3%
Poles, 10.8% Latvians and 75% Russians) but the Jews were eventually
purged by Stalin and Jews became one of the most discriminated-agains
minorities in the USSR (in 1897 7.4% of those in the Russian Empire
were Jewish according to Encyclopedia of the Ukraine - once again, the
proportion of Jews involved is less than might be expected from the
population). Those Jews that were involved were exclusively atheistic,
secular Jews.

Communism is incompatible with the principles and practice of the
Jewish religion. Judaism expects people to work for a living and give
charity to those that can't, and within a capitalist model.

Don't forget also the treatment of the Jews under the Czars. The Jews
were restricted to a certain geographic area known as the "Pale of
Settlement" where they had very serious impositions placed on them and
suffered regular pogroms. It is not surprising that some Jews would
have revolted against the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Czars
and hence SOME became involved in the revolutionary movement to
overthrow the Czars.

David Maddison

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