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From Thu Jun  6 07:53:53 PDT 1996
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From: (Danny)
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Subject: Re: KOSHER TAX RIPOFF-Canada
Date: 5 Jun 1996 17:48 MST
Organization: University of Arizona (BPA)
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In article <4p2r58$>, writes...
>  "Refuse to hire a rabbi to ensure the products you sell are kosher,
>will you? Don't be surprised if *we* (Jews) start POUNDING you,
>demonizing your company and products relentlessly in the media! How'd
>ya like to see a grotesquely-drawn picture of one of your company's
>products on the cover of TIME or NEWSWEEK or featured in a '60 Minutes'
>'hit piece' under the bold heading 'WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT DANGEROUS,
>SHODDY PRODUCTS'? If you thought our recent covers of Newt
>Gingrich-as-Scrooge or depictions of Pat Buchanan as a neo-nazi were
>bad, we could give YOU the same kind of treatment if you don't put our
>rabbis in your factories and pay them good salaries!

    This is stupid hate mongering.  There are lots of products in the
    supermarket which aren't kosher.  And the kosher community simply
    ignores them.  Every bit of meat in the average grocery store butcher
    section is unkosher.  Most processed foods which includes meat -
    including every TV dinner - is unkosher.  Every frozen pizza with
    pepperoni or sausage on it is unkosher.  Lots of other foods in your
    average grocery store are unkosher.  The kosher Jewish community simply
    ignores those foods.  They don't make a fuss about them.

    And IF you think it costs more money to produce kosher food, it is
    obvious from the list above that you have lots of non-kosher choices to
    pick from in every grocery store.

    There is no kosher tax.  There is no issue here.  All there is here are
    hate mongering anti-semitics who think they can lie to the masses to
    score a few points.

    Lets see you rebut this, Joebuck.  

                         daniel david mittleman 
                     Quoth the H*ber: "Never! More!"

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