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Subject: Re: Yahoo! and The Jooooooooooooooish ConSPIRACY
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Date: 10 May 1996 14:20:10 GMT
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Tammy Chung (Tchung@24hy.singpor.nt) wrote:
: (william c anderson) wrote:

: >Not to mention the internationally-known Hymie Sanwa, leader of the
: >thriving Jewish community of Osaka.  Just for fun, I checked Moody's
: >Banking and Finance Manual.  As of 1994, every single one of the 
: >ten largest banks in the world was Japanese.  All of them.
: >
: >Any questions, o mighty Aryan warriors?

:  You mean to tell me that the Rothschilds are Japanese ? And what about
: the Warbergs,shifts and Rockefellas ? 

It's always amusing when White Power Rangers bring up the Rockefellers,
because they inevitably mispell the name, and they inevitably assume
that the Rockefellers are Jewish.  They aren't.

: The Rothschilds have about a 50% 
: holdings in every centrial banking system in the world. 

Boy, I would love to see some documentation for that incredible
statitistic.  I won't be holding my breath, though.  Just for fun,
I pulled the Morgan Stanley Central Bank Directory.  Turns out that,
in 1994, there were 170 central banks in the world.  Out of these
170, all but ten were 100% state-owned; of the remaining ten, six--
those of Austria, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Turkey--were
at least 50% government-owned.  The banks of Denmark and Guatemala
are independent agencies, apparently without shareholders.  The bank
of South Africa is 100% privately owned, and the US Central Bank is
owned by member banks.  Don't see any Rothschilds in there, Tammy.
Funny, isn't it?  Somebody's been lying to you.

: You left out the largest type of banking.

The largest type of banking, apparently, is fictional banking.


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