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In one age, called the Second Age by some,
   (an Age yet to come, an Age long past)
      someone claiming to be wrote
         in message : 

>On 5 Jul 2006 18:10:07 -0700, "Waldo"  wrote:

>>**CHESTER, kindly respond to this post, otherwise Roger the Rogue will
>>use the excuse that he has me killfiled to pretend he never saw it.

Not an excuse, reality as you know.

>>[Roguer wrote]

>>> Certainly -- especially the part where waldope doesn't mention the
>>> fact that this was in response to a thread in which he had posted a
>>> series of other quotes hoping that no one would bother to check on
>>> them, and they ***all*** turned out to be lies.

>>Sadly, Roguer is in error - and this in spite of the six (6) asterisks
>>he used to emphasize the word "all" in the above.


>All he can do is scream LIAR!  You'll never catch Roger saying:
>"Here's why I doubt your quotes . . .  [presentation of coherent

Actually, that's mostly what I do, and do and do.

And then after those facts have been run from often enough, I simply
post the assertion until challenged.

>>  Perhaps Roguer
>>has experienced a classic Semitist memory malfunction, or perhaps the
>>Rogue is simply lying - and hoping he won't get called on it.


>I don't know what's in Roger's head but it must be painful to live

>>At any rate, here's a link to the thread to which Roguer referred.

>>Perhaps the Rogue can point out EXACTLY which of the quotes he refers
>>to were proven to be "lies" by the Semitist Cheka, and point us to
>>EXACTLY where this was proven. 

Not "cheka," simply Steve Mock with some time to kill.


There are several different dishonest tactics used by McKinney in this
collection of quotes.  The most obvious is outright fabrication -
though being generous, in most of these cases, I would guess that that
the fabrication was the result of sloppiness rather than deceit - one
neo-Nazi loosely paraphrased something he'd read, citing a source that
he *believed* supported his assertion, and as the line passed through
a few generations of posting and reposting, another neo-Nazi saw the
attribution and decided to stick quotation marks around the line in
question.  Another tactic is selective quotation, where he picks out
the few lines that can be made to appear to support his case, ignoring
the mass of data surrounding those few lines that present a very
different overall picture.  Let's start with the Cantor stuff, since
you seem pretty eager to get to it, and it provides a rather good
example of this latter dynamic.

In fact, I shouldn't even be bothering with the Norman Cantor/Benjamin
Ginsburg stuff, seeing as there's really nothing in it that I would 
seriously contest, and therefore the only point that should really be
made about it is that it doesn't even begin to address the question at
hand.  You see Waldo, as I keep trying to explain, I do not contest
the claim that there were Jews who participated, even prominently, in
the Bolshevik movement.  And all Cantor's work does is highlight those
individuals and offer entirely plausible explanations of their
motivations.  What I contest is the claim that "Communism was largely
a Jewish movement", which this doesn't even begin to prove.

Its a fancy propaganda tactic on your part.  Dig through books on
Jewish history for the parts that refer to the Communist revolution,
and *obviously* these books are going to deal with the role of Jews in
these events.  Highlight these passages in isolation, and you give the
impression that Jews were *uniquely* responsible for these events,
when, in fact, the very sources you're quoting say the exact opposite
in the passages you choose not to quote.

And that, ultimately, is the only reason I'm bothering with these 
irrelevant passages at all - to demonstrate your selective and
dishonest use of sources.

You quote Cantor as follows:

"'During the heyday of the Cold War, American Jewish publicists spent
a lot of time denying that-as 1930s anti-Semites claimed-Jews played a
disproportionately important role in Soviet and world Communism. The
truth is until the early 1950s. Jews did play such a role, and there
is nothing to be ashamed of. In time, Jews will learn to take pride in
the record of the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.
It was a species of striking back." -- The Jewish Experience,
"Stalin's Jews", pp. 364, Norman F. Cantor, Castle Books, 1996.

As I said, I do not deny that certain Jews did play a prominent role
in the early Soviet regime, and Cantor is entitled to the view that
striking back against the anti-Semitic czarist regime was part of
their motivation.  But it interesting how Waldo only quotes the
fragment of this introductory blurb that suits him.  He ignores the
section directly above: "As the Tsarist government in the
late-nineteenth century found itself increasingly in confrontation
with the Empire's Jewish population, there was a strong leftist and
revolutionary drift among the younger Jewish generations.  Most 
became members of the Bund, a democratic, peaceful, labour union 
organization.  But some became bomb-throwing anarchists and
revolutionary Communists."  

Later in the post, you quote a bit more from Cantor's little
introductory blurb:

"The founders of the Soviet secret police (later KGB), headquartered
in Lubyanka prison in Moscow, were mostly Jews. Jews also took
leadership roles, down into the early 1950s, in the Communist parties
of Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Rumania. In the
struggle for succession to Lenin in the 1920s, leading to the defeat
and exile of the Jewish Trotsky Bronstein), most of the high-level
Soviet Jews made the mistake of supporting Stalin, an Asiatic
anti-Semite who in the purge trials in the mid-1930s eventually
eliminated these Jewish "Old Bolsheviks." But even to some degree
after the Great Purge, Jews were still prevalent in powerful Soviet
government positions and many of Stalin's cohorts in the 1940s had
Jewish wives. Here is a cool appraisal of Stalin's Jews, published in
1994 by the Russian writer Arkady Vaksberg.

Interesting that you mention the text by Arkady Vaksberg that Cantor
is introducing, but you're not the least bit interested in quoting
>from the article itself.  Instead, you proceed to quote, at length, an
entirely different passage - from some American anti-Semite who was
whining to congress about how there was too much yiddish for his
tastes on the streets of Russia after the revolution (damn that
emancipation, eh), and reading all sorts of spurious assumptions into
the fact.  I think the reason you don't go on with Arkady Vaksberg's
article is because he makes it very clear that the prominence of
ethnic minorities in the Soviet system - particularly in its more
unsavoury elements - was not unique to the Jews, nor was it a
reflection of their control over the movement.  

"The Soviet political police had "aliens" in its makeup from the
start, particularly Latvians, Poles, and Jews.  It is important to
note that "aliens" (including Armenians and Georgians) formed a very
large percentage of all Soviet departments and ministries - for
obvious reasons.  Oppressed, or at least discriminated against,
second- and even third-class citizens in the old Russia, they felt a
new energy in the new regime and with fanatical dedication launched
themselves on revolutionary careers.  But their presence was most
visible (again for obvious reasons) in the activities of the vicious
Cheka-GPU, noticed by both the public at large and the leaders 
who paid attention to the national question... The revolution brought
to the top not the intellectual Jews, who had suffered discrimination
under the tsars and had had to struggle to get an education and a
university degree, to be able to master a profession and practice it
wherever they wanted.  The majority of Jewish intellectuals emigrated
or became "fellow travelers", the "specials", scornfully tolerated by
the Soviet regime.  And a huge number of the ended up in the GULAG, or
exile, or mass graves.  But the illiterate petty craftsmen, who had
ambitious dreams of careers and power over their kind - power of any
sort - rushed to the capitals, and because of their flawless social
background they received Party posts.  The rest depended on their zeal
and capacity for intrigue to make connections and to advance

"The percentage of Jews in key posts in the Lubyanka did not differ 
markedly from the percentage in other departments, but the other 
departments interested only those people dealing with them, while the 
Lubyanka interested everyone.  And therefore if someone named
Rabinovich was in charge of a mass execution, he was perceived not
simply as a Cheka boss but as a Jews, while if someone named
Abramovich was in charge of a mass epidemic countermeasure, he was
perceived not as a Jew but as a good doctor.  This was natural and not

"It was the same reasoning that led to portraying the vicious murder
of the tsar's family in Ekaterinburg in 1918 as the work of Jews, even
though the vast majority of the executioners were Russian.  Inflamed
anti-Semites proclaimed one of the main organizers - chairman of the
executive committee of the Urals Soviet, twenty-seven year old
Alexander Beloborodov - to be the Jew Weisbrot, even though Oleg
Platonov, a leading contemporary exposer of "Jewish crimes", has been
forced to admit that "research in the archives does not support this
version".  In their desire to find Jewish roots for Beloborodov, some
people gave his father's name as Grigori (which is common in Jewish
families) when it was actually Georgy."(pp. 365-366)

So as we see, the article itself agrees with the perspective Waldo
quoted from Trotsky earlier - that those Jews (and other minorities)
who were involved in the Bolshevik movement were used by the Soviet
state in positions that would direct popular resentment away from the
state and towards them as a group.

Is that what you call a "Jewish movement", Waldo?


Twice, Waldo provides the following quote, alleged to be from the
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:

"Whatever the racial antecedents of their top man, the first Soviet 
commissariats were largely staffed with Jews. The Jewish position in
the Communist movement was well understood in Russia. The White Armies
which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as
common enemies" (Univ. Jew Encyc., Vol. I, p. 336).

It appears again further down: 

The Jewish Encyclopedia acknowledges the preponderance of Jews among
the Soviet power structure and that large numbers of Russians
associated Jews with Bolsheviks: "Whatever the racial antecedents of
their top man, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed
with Jews. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well
understood in Russia. The White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik
government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies" (Univ. Jew
Encyc., Vol. I, p. 336).

Volume I page 336 of the Universal Jewish encyclopedia contains no
such language.  The page in question contains entries for "Anigonus",
"Antigonus of Socho", "Anti-Lebanon" and, ironically enough, the
"Anti-Defamation League", and has nothing whatsoever to do with
communism or the Soviet Union.

One can find the entry on "communism" in the Universal Jewish
Encyclopedia (ed. Isaac Landman, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc.,
New York. 1941), in Volume III, pp.315-320.   It includes the

"Since the Bolshevik Revolution, some opponents of Communism have
repeated incessantly that, both as a political theory and as a
revolutionary movement, Communism is one of the manifestations of
alleged Jewish ambitions to destroy Christian civilization and to
establish Jewish rule the world over.  This accusation, indeed, goes
back to the middle of the 19th cent., to the beginnings of the modern
radical movement, when the origin of Karl Marx - some of a baptized
Jews, and the most prominent leader of socialist thought and
organization - was utilized by some opponents to smear the movement
with the taint of Jewishness...

"The alleged predominantly Jewish leadership and composition of the
Russian Communist Party has been a stock argument both against the
Jews and against the Communists outside of Russia as well.  A glance
at the statistics of party membership taken at various times between
1918 and 1938 suffices to disprove that underlying legend as far as
membership is concerned.  In 1918 the Russian Communist Party had
124,000 members.  Of these, 75 per cent were Russian Slavs, 10.8 per
cent Letts (Latvians), 6.3 per cent Poles, 3.7 per cent Estonians, 2.6
per cent Jews.  In 1922, 5.2 per cent of the membership was Jewish
(19,526 members); in 1924 there were 5 per cent of Jews out of an
approximate total of 900,000; in 1929 the percentage dropped 
to 3.5 (49,627 Jewish members).  In 1938, according to the figures
given by the Paris emigre daily Posledniva Novosti, edited by
Professor Paul Milyukov, leader of the Constitutional Democrats,
Jewish membership in the Russian Communist Party constituted not more
than 4.34 per cent.

"Now, the ratio of Jews to the total population of Russia was only 1.8
per cent.  The ratio of 4.34 per cent of Jewish membership in the
Communist Party accordingly appears rather forbidding; and indeed the
enemies of both the Jews and Communism, especially outside of Russia,
have taken quick advantage of these rations to smear the communists
with the Jewish brush and vice versa.  The mere comparison of these
figures, however, distorts the true picture.  While the total Jewish
population is 1.8 per cent, it must be noted that the Jews lived
almost exclusively in the cities and towns; in Russia's urban
population the Jews constituted 11 per cent.  Two additional factors
are taken into consideration.  On the one hand, the rural population
took practically no part in political activities, and on the other,
there was virtually no illiteracy among the Russian Jews.  Hence it
can be understood that when the Bolsheviks came to power and required
all branches of the administration men and women who at least could
read and write, the percentage of Jewish Communist membership would be
greater than that of the non-Jewish Communist membership, a
percentage, however, which is not high under the circumstances.

"Much is made of the fact that during the first years of the Soviet
regime Jews were among the outstanding leaders of the Russian
Communist party.  Because Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek, Litinov
and others were Jews, it was inferred that the Jews controlled the
party and the government...  In reality, Jewish intellectuals were
conspicuously identified with the Social-Democratic Mensheviks
(Abrahamovich, Axelrod, Dan, Liber, Martov) who were bitterly opposed
to the Bolshevik regime, also with the Social-Revolutionaries
(Gershuni, Gotz) who were the strangest party backing the 
constitutional Kerensky regime; and with the moderate
bourgeois-liberal Constitutional Democrats, headed by professor
Milyukov, who was assisted by such extremely able leaders of Jewish
origin as Vinaver, Herzenstein and other brothers Hessen and others...

"As time went on and a new generation of potential leaders was growing
up in Russia under entirely different circumstances, the importance of
the pre-War leaders of Jewish descent was bound to decrease.  In the
struggle for power within the party between the "Opposition" headed by
Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev on the one hand and the
Stalin-Bukharin-Rykov majority faction on the other, the latter used
against the former arguments of a veiled anti-Semitic nature... After
the complete destruction of all opposition within the party, sealed by
the extermination of the entire Bolshevik "Old Guard" during the
purges of 1936 to 1938, most of the old time leaders and executives of
Jewish origin disappeared.  The only prominent Jews of the older
generation who remained in the Party are Emil Yaroslavsky, the leader
of the "Godless" movement, and Maxim Litvinov, who was "liquidated" as
a diplomat shortly before the Moscow-Berlin pact of August, 1939.
Lazar Kaganovich, the only outstanding figure of Jewish descent in the
Communist leadership (1940), belongs to the younger generation that
grew up after the Revolution.  Since the liquidation of all
oppositionists, Kaganovich has been the only Jewish member of the
Political Bureau, the supreme organ of the party and the virtual
super-government of Russia."

Now whether Waldo wishes to take the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia as
a reliable source is up to him (though one should note that he was
willing to do so when he thought it served his case).  The point,
simply, is that this source does not say what he claimed it said.  On
the contrary, it asserts precisely the opposite.


Waldo quotes Start Kahan's book on Lazar Kaganovich as follows:

"In the Bolshevik era, 52 percent of the membership of the Soviet
communist party was Jewish, though Jews comprised only 1.8 percent of
the total population." (Stuart Kahan (grandson of Lazar Kaganovich),
The Wolf of the Kremlin, p. 81)

Though presented as a direct quote, this line does not, in fact,
appear in the text.  What does appear is this: "That Trotsky,
unquestionably the most outstanding man among the Bolsheviks, was a
Jew did not seem an insuperable obstance in a party in which the
percentage of Jews, 52 percent, was rather high compared to the
percentage of Jews (1.8 percent) in the total population."

Though the content is roughly the same the difference is not trivial.
The purpose of the line was not to assert the extent of Jewish
dominance over the communist party (as the misquote makes it appear)
but merely to explain why Jews like Trotsky and Kaganovich had the
impression that the party gave them reasonable opportunity for
advancement.  In light of this fact - and the fact that two different
sources have now been provided confirming that the percentage of Jews
in the party during this period was in fact *5.2%* to the 1.8% of the
general population, it is pretty darn clear that this is a misprint.
Otherwise, Kahan's comment that this percentage was "rather 
high" is the understatement of the year.  Does Waldo expect us to
believe that a party that was only 2.6% Jewish in 1918 managed to
recruit nearly 200,000 Jews before 1922, only to have their Jewish
membership *drop* to 45,000 in 1924?

Waldo goes on to offer his own commentary on Lazar Kaganovich:

"[Lazar Kaganovich was the Jewish orchestrator of the great man-made 
Ukrainian famine under Stalin. Kaganovich was responsible for the
death by starvation of MILLIONS of Ukrainians- Waldo comment]"

Kaganovich was certainly a monster, and indeed he was Jewish.  And I 
suppose these are the only pieces of information that Waldo wants you
to know.  But what Waldo doesn't tell you - which his source goes into
extensively - is the fact that Kaganovich was also one of the most 
loathsome and fanatical anti-Semites of the Soviet regime, personally 
responsible for orchestrating the purges, arrests and murders of Jews
and the repression of Jewish organizations in the Soviet Union.  He
was adamantly opposed to the formation of the State of Israel, and
Kahan states quite bluntly on several occasions that - contrary to
Waldo's other assertions - during this time he was the "sole Jew in
[Stalin's] hierarchy."(cf. preface, pp. 14-15, 249)

Take, for example, the following discussion of Kaganovich's activities
in the 1930's:

"The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, which was considered to have done 
excellent work during the war, was now dissolved, and its leaders were
arrested.  The charges were too easy.  They were deemed to be working 
against the state.  All Jewish cultural institutions, like the Moscow 
Jewish Theater, were liquidated.  The Communist party apparatus and
the ministries at all levels were purged of Jewish personnel. In
colleges, in scientific institutes, even in many factories, a quota
system was introduced.  The number of Jews was reduced to a minimum;
in some instances this number was set at zero.

"Lazar's intention was simple.  He would quietly wipe out all the
victories of the revolution.  He would rob the Jews of their dignity
and turn them once more into second-class citizens, perhaps even less.
In effect, he stopped just short of extermination.

"Important Jewish figures were hustled off to detention camps for 
'redevelopment and reorientation' - if they survived.  Prisons became 
filled to capacity.  In Lubyanka, each cell contained one Russian and
five  Jews."(p. 251)

Is this what amounts to a "Jewish movement" in your eyes, Waldo?  Or,
as Seneca put it, "government of the Jews, by the Jews and for the


I wasn't able to look up the quotes allegedly taken from various
defunct Jewish periodicals from earlier in the last century, as my
library does not  have them archived.  But apparently, others with
better resources have in the past:

"The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of 
Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a
new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in
Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction
and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental an
physical forces, become a reality all over the world." (The American
Hebrew, September 10, 1920)

This quote is particularly interesting in light of Waldo's and
Seneca's often repeated claim that denial that communism is a Jewish
movement is disingenuous, in that in the past "Jews" (as a collective,
I suppose) took pride in their domination of the communist movement
and its excesses. (Jacob Minsky)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 23:38:18 GMT

[..] First of all, this is not a quote at all, but at the most an
extremely tendentious paraphrase, and the second sentence is a
complete invention.  Second, this particular issue - actually, it is a
color supplement to the magazine - is devoted to the topic of
"non-Jewish opinions about Jews." To that end, it consists of articles
by various non-Jewish guest commentators; e.g. it has an article by
Georges Clemenceau. The opinions in the quote above are contained (but
not in such extreme form, or in those words) in an article by one
Tsvetan Tonjoroff, of whom I have never heard (and, more tellingly,
neither have any biographical references that I've been able to 
search). So I really can't say why he was invited to submit an

There is not the slightest indication that his opinion is shared by
the staff of _American Hebrew_, any Jews, or what have you. In fact,
this issue - and many of the previous ones - contain articles that
debunk the usual antisemitic lie that Bolshevism is Jewish, discuss
the serious situation of Jews in early Soviet Russia, quote from
respected sources (e.g. General Kolchak, if I recall), and so on. 


> Waldo wrote:
>> "it is difficult to suggest a satisfactory reason for the prevalence
>> of Jews
>> in the Cheka ... Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands
>> of Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with,
>> and very possibly shot by, a Jewish investigator."
>> [Schapiro, Leonard. The Role of Jews in the Russian Revolutionary
>> Movement. The Slavonic and East European Review. v. 40, University of
>> London ...., 1961-62 p. 165]
> Here is the same passage at greater length:
> (In the issue of Pravda for 20 December 1937 there is a list
> of 407 officials of the NKVD, decorated on the occasion of
> the 20th anniversary of the Checka. Forty-two of the names,
> or about 11 per cent, are Jews, and the actual total of Jews
> may well have been higher, since many of them may be supposed
> to have adopted Russian names. How many of these Jews survived
> the purge of 1938 is another matter.) It is dificult to suggest
> a satisfactory reason for the prevalence of Jews in the Checka.
> It may be that having suffered at the hands of the former 
> Russian authorities they wanted to seize the reins of power
> in the new state for themselves. Many of the enemies of
> bolshevism, who tended to couple anti-bolshevism with
> anti-semitism, argued that bolshevism was a movement
> alien to true Russians and that it was a predominantly
> Jewish movement. The assertion is in fact untrue. In historical
> origin and in ideology bolshevism is an essentially
> Russian movement, traditional and nationalistic,
> with a very thin veneer of international socialism. But to
> the ordinary Russian in the early years of the revolution
> the argument was quite likely to appeal. For the most 
> prominent and colorful figure after Lenin was Trotsky, in Petrograd
> the dominant and hated figure was Zinov'yev, while anyone
> who had the misfortune to fall inot the hands of the Checka 
> stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted
> with an possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.
> I have a photocopy of the article.
> Do you suppose that the person who put four
> lines of this passage onto the internet
> (where you found it, Waldo)
> actually wants people to read the whole article
> and the books that the other quotes come from?
> Yitz


>>In fact, many of the works the Rogue
>>claims to have been false can be ordered today at


>Roger will never refute by exact example.

Wrong again.  But then, you're used to that by now, huh?

>>Here is a link to one of the articles from that thread, where Steven
>>Mock (of B'nai Brith/Nizkor infamy) had challenged me to prove the
>>existence of one of the most obscure and hard to find in this series of


Its where you were challenged to prove one of more *easily* proven

As was said at the time:  "And by the way, Waldo, why would you expect
this to be the one that is most difficult to verify?  The ones that
are most difficult to verify are the ones that come from old
periodicals that don't exist anymore.  If this text had, indeed, been
>from a reputable book, it should have been one of the *easiest* to

And as was *also* noted at the time:  "But all of your crowing aside,
the fact remains that you and your source misrepresented a piece of
1920's political propaganda as a scholarly work."

>>Through diligent research, I discovered that the name of the
>>author of the work had been misspelled, tracked down the quote, the
>>source, and the author of the foreword.
>>Mock, Roguer, McVay and company all enjoyed a healthy serving of Deep
>>Dish Crow on that day, but that was only an appetizer.

Of course, Roger had not participated in that thread as yet, but then
little things like truth aren't terribly important to waldope.

>They love getting the bird and even share the cookbook 1,001 Ways to
>Eat Crow.

Why?  Are you looking for a copy?

>>Of course, none of the other quotes were shown to be incorrect either,
>>much less "lies". 

Another lie, as I have shown.

>> But that does nothing to discourage the likes of
>>Roguer the Chickenheart from lying through his thoroughly false teeth,
>>does it?
>>Is it any wonder that the Rogue pretends to have me killfiled?

On what do you base this fantasy that I do not?

>>> Not to mention the fact that not one of these *actually* answers the
>>> question "how many Jewish communists were there?,"

>>How many Jewish Communists were there during which hour of what day of
>>what year, and in which countries, Roguer? And are we only counting
>>Communist officials, or are we including Communist Jewish men, women
>>and children, including Jewish toddlers clad in Red Diapers?

>>> let alone
>>> supporting the lie that communism was "mostly" a Jewish phenomenon,
>>> which was the putative reason for these quotes to be offered to begin
>>> with.

>>I notice that you didn't challenge the quotes in my most recent post,
>>and you lied about the others being false. (Have you no shame, Rogue?)

I notice that I have better things to do that run down your lies.

>>The quotes speak for themselves, and they clearly demonstrate that Jews
>>played such a significant role in Bolshevism and worldwide Communism
>>that, were it not for Jews, the Communist movement as we know it would
>>never have existed at all.

>That's a reality he can't face.

No, that's more assertion from someone with a demonstrated propensity
for lying about this very matter.

>>> >Thank you very much, Waldo. This is one for the archives.
>>> Along with his "proof" that Dan Abrams is Jewish, which amounted to Mr
>>> Abrams having once given a speech to a Jewish group in Minneapolis.

>>PRETENDING to have me killfiled has its advantages, doesn't it
>>Roguer? That way you can PRETEND to have never seen the posts where I
>>make you eat non-Kosher Crow.

No such posts have occurred, I am fairly certain.

>>Read this:
>>Safer to keep me in your killfile, isn't it, hero?

Safer for you, certainly:

Source: Jewish Minnesota 


Twin Cities Cardozo Society Annual Dinner will honor local attorneys 

The Twin Cities Cardozo Society will honor local attorney Tom Feinberg
and law student Marcia Madero at the society's annual dinner, at 5:30 
p.m. June 27 at the Marriott City Center. The program also will
feature guest speaker Dan Abrams, MSNBC anchor and NBC News chief
legal correspondent. The cost to attend is $45 for general admission,
and $15 for students. The Marriott City Center is located at 30 South
7th St. in Minneapolis. 


Now, where in there does it say that Abrams is Jewish?


Dan Abrams grew up in New York City and attended Trinity School (1st 
through 8th grade). Subsequently he attended and graduated from 
Stuyvesant High School. **His first summer job was as the Assistant 
Drama Director at CEDAR LAKE SLEEP-AWAY CAMP**. 


Oh, this is good.

Yes, Dan Abrams the producer did.

He also "went to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and graduated
>from the honors program with a BA in Psychology."

However, Dan Abrams, the current general manager of MSNBC, a
completely different person did not.


Abrams graduated from Riverdale Country School in 1984, from Duke
University, cum laude, with a degree in Political Science in 1988, and
>from Columbia University Law School in 1992.


BTW, *that* Dan Abrams is *also* not the visual effect guy Dan Abrams
(,) but he *is* the "actor" Dan
Abrams listed here  (

Care for a tissue to get that egg off your face, waldope?


Dan Abrams is also a columnist on Jewish World Review: 


*Now* all you have to do is show that only Jewish columnists are
allowed at the Jewish World Review.

Is the *really* the best you can do?

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